SAP VIM Online Training Allow Perfect Learning and Experience

SAP VIM Online Training also known as SAP Vendor Invoice Management Online Training is a full- flagged business solution that essentially solves the business related matters by paying right amount of money to the vendors in time.

The Learners will be led through the use concerns and business scenarios most frequently used with a customer. Thus, the Learner is allowed with the approaching of a power user along with the technical knowledge of an execution consultant. Moreover, it is an addition on to your SAP system, the mass of its processes and purposes run inside the system, which handles only with invoices that will be posted to ERP. It is even merges with standard SAP Functions including Financial Processing and Invoice Verification.

Prerequisites for Audience

  • Necessary information of SAP Basis and workflow management
  • Fundamental knowledge of accounts allocated operations

1 – Overview

  • How VIM addresses A/P challenges
  • VIM process overview: scan to payment
  • VIM components & architecture
  • SAP documents: parked and posted
  • Swimlane process diagram
  • VIM user roles
  • Introduction of ICC/OCR

2 – VIM Component Functions and User Interface

  • Document Processing (DP)
  • DP Dashboard
  • Exception Handling
  • Invoice Exception Dashboard
  • Invoice Approval SAPGUI interface
  • Invoice Approval Web (Theoretical)
  • Mobile Approval (Theoretical)

3 – VIM Non-PO Invoice Processing

  • VIM Non-PO Process flow
  • VIM Non-PO Roles
  • Scanning
  • OCR
  • Indexing
  • Invoice exception processing
  • Invoice approvals – SAP GUI

4 – VIM PO Invoice Processing

  • SAP three way match
  • VIM PO process flows: with and without OCR
  • VIM PO roles
  • Scanning: with and without OCR
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) overview
  • OCR: PO invoice key information
  • Indexing
  • Invoice exception processing

5 – Reports & Background Jobs

  • VIM Analytics reports
  • Central reports
  • Basis & Administrative tasks
  • VIM component Add-on
  • ICC Component Administration
  • Archive link configuration
  • Background job scheduling
  • SAP workflow basics
  • Overview of VIM workflows

Once you complete the course, you will be proficient to perform various jobs which includes Install and Upgrade the VIM SAP Component, set up the VIM Approval Portal and Mobile endorsement Portal, support and Reject Invoices, Configure PO and Non PO Invoice Exception handling, Configure the new level-based approval situation and code invoice among others.

So, what are looking for? If interested in SAP VIM Online Training, find out more information online!trasap

July 16, 2015