Workday Time Tracking Online training

Workday Time Tracking Online training



    Workday Time Tracking is an innovative time-and-attendance application that is available anytime, anywhere, both online and on mobile devices.  It delivers an engaging experience that drives user adoption across the workforce, giving companies the ability to streamline time-entry and approval processes. Workday Time Tracking Training is a single-time track drive of the global time and attendance programming application with configurable auditing.

    Course Content

    1. Contents

    • Time Tracking Basics
    • Time Tracking Hub
    • Time Entry Setup
    • Time Calculations
    • Time Entry Validations
    • Period Schedules
    • Work Schedules
    • Worker Eligibility for Time Tracking
    • Time Tracking, Payroll, and Absence
    • Entering and Correcting Time
    • Reviewing and Approving Time

    2. Time Tracking Basics

    • Set Up Time Tracking
    • Enable Time Tracking for Mobile
    • Time Tracking Links on External Sites
    • Time Tracking on Mobile

    3.Time Tracking Hub

    • Time Tracking Hub

    4.Time EntrySetup

    • Set Up Time Entry
    • Set Up Work tags for Time Entry
    • Set Up Tax Locations for Time Entry
    • Select a Time Entry Method
    • Create Time Entry Codes
    • Create Time Code Groups
    • Create Time Entry Templates
    • Set Up Time Clock Event Matching Options
    • Set Up Time Entry Calendars
    • Set Up Time Submission
    • Set Up Effort Certification for Time Tracking
    • Set Up Calendar Totals
    • Set Up Project Time Entry
    • Set Up Time Shift Options
    • Defer Time Clock Event Matching
    • Set Up Statutory Holiday Eligibility(CAN)
    • Set Up Request Overtime
    • Project Time Entry
    • Time Shifts
    • Time Tracking Flow
    • Increments and Rounding for Time Entry
    • Enter Time Business Process
    • Time Tracking and Payroll Work tags
    • How do I exempt workers from lock outdates?


    • Set Up Calculations for Time Tracking
    • Create Time Calculation Tags
    • Create Standard Overtime Calculations
    • Create Consecutive Day Calculations
    • Create Minimum Daily Hours Calculations
    • Create Minimum Weekly Hour Calculations
    • Create Override Rate Calculations
    • Create Schedule Deviation Calculations
    • Create Shift Differential Calculations
    • Create Time Block Conditional Calculations
    • Create Time Block Create Calculations
    • Create Time Calculations for Statutory Holidays(CAN)
    • Create Time Calculation Groups
    • Assign Time Calculation  Priorities
    • Manually Run Time Calculations
    • Time Calculations
    • Time Calculation Tags
    • Rolling 24-HourPeriods
    • Time Calculation Types
    • Calculate Double Time on Seventh Consecutive Day
    • Calculate Location-Based Overtime
    • Calculate Nevada Rolling Overtime
    • Calculate the Majority of a Shift

    6.Time Entry Validations

    • Create Time Entry Validations
    • Time Entry Validations
    • Managing Incomplete Time Blocks
    • Validate Holiday Time Entry

    7.Period Schedules

    • Set Up Period Schedules for Time Tracking


    • Manage Ad Hoc Work Schedule Changes
    • Day Breakers

    9.Worker Eligibility for Time Tracing

    • Create Worker Eligibility Rules for Time
    • Tracking
    • Worker Eligibility for Time
    • Tracking
    • Troubleshooting Time Tracking Eligibility Issues

    10.Time Tracking, Payroll, and Absence

    • Set Up Payroll to Pay Time
    • Configure Earnings to Retrieve Calculated
    • Time
    • How Payroll Processes Calculated
    • Time
    • Time Tracking and Absence
    • Management
    • Paying Time

    11.Entering and Correcting Time

    • Enter Time for Worker Using Calendar-Based Time Entry
    • Enter Time for Worker Using High-Volume Time Entry
    • Mass Enter Time
    • Mass Auto-Fill from Schedule
    • Mass Submit Time
    • Manage Time Clock Events
    • Manually Schedule Time Clock Even tMatching
    • Adjust Calculated Time
    • Time Clock Events
    • Importing Time Clock Events
    • Importing Reported Time Blocks
    • Exporting Time Blocks
    • Time Clock Event Security
    • Time Entry Options
    • Time Tracking Web Services
    • Time Entry

    12.Reviewing and Approving Time

    • Setup Considerations: Reviewing and Approving Time
    • Set Up the Review Time Report
    • Set Up the Review Project Time Report
    • Report on Time Across Supervisory Organizations
    • Mass Approve Time
    • Time Block Approval Moments
    • Dashboards for Time Tracking and Absence
    • Troubleshooting Project Time Reporting
    • Time Tracking Background Jobs and Processes
    • Review Time

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