Workday Report Writer Online Training

Workday Report Writer Online Training



    Workday Report Writer Training is one of the advanced reporting management. It solves the multi-tasking complicity of every task in business at every level of company guidance.  In addition, it provides insights into different solutions in a more improved manner. It also analyzes the great real-time data integration of organizations with exceptional data output sources.  Which meets the business requirement in various functional areas in an external manner.

    Course Content

    • Description
    • Goals & Objectives
    • Agenda
    • Overview and Introduction
    • Where to Begin – Planning & Approach
    • Delivered Reports
    • Run & Copy a Standard Report
    • Report Writer Terminology & Concepts
    • Business Objects, Fields & Instances
    • Report Data Sources
    • Report Writer “Top 10”
    • Steps to Create a Report\Report Types
    • Selecting a Data Source
    • Temporary Reports
    • Report Writer Navigation
    • Create Custom Report (Type=Simple)
    • Change the Data Source on the Report
    • Report Output vs. Report Definition
    • Class Report Fields
    • Object Relationships
    • Reporting Resources
    • Sorting and Filtering Report Fields
    • Add a Filter and Sort to the Report
    • Simple vs. Advanced Report Types
    • Advanced Filtering Options and Prompts
    • Change to Advanced Report Type and configure Filters that prompt user
    • Accessing Fields from Related Business Objects
    • Sorting and Filtering on Related Business Object Fields
    • Working with Related Business Objects
    • Contextual Reporting
    • Contextual Reporting
    • Subtotaling, Grouping & Outlining Reports
    • Subtotals & Grand Totals
    • Configure Subtotals and Grand Totals
    • Grouping & Outlining
    • Group, Total, Outline the Employee Audit Report
    • Data Source Security & Report Field Security
    • Sharing Reports
    • Modify Share
    • Modify Data Source
    • Locating Custom Reports
    • Add Custom Reports to Menus and as related actions
    • Add Report Tags to Custom Reports
    • Track Custom
    • Schedule and Share Output of Report
    • Scheduling Reports
    • Other Report Configuration Options
    • Report Run History
    • Maintain Excel Template
    • Transfer Ownership
    • Translating Custom Reports
    • Solutions
    • Manage Layouts & View URLs
    • Introduction to Custom Analytics – Matrix Reporting
    • Matrix Reporting – Viewing a Matrix Report
    • Create Matrix Report
    • Additional Resources
    • Test Report Performance
    • Where to go from here
    • Appendix A – Report management Security domains
    • Appendix B – Report Performance General Guidelines

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