TIBCO AMX BPM Online Training

TIBCO AMX BPM Online Training



    TIBCO Active Matrix BPM is implemented as a number of independent components that expose services, exploiting the benefits of the Service Component Architecture (SCA) provided by the TIBCO Active Matrix runtime.


    • Knowing the basics of Business Process Management is enough to take up the course.

    Course Content

    1. Introduction to AMX BPM

    • BPM overview
    • TIBCO Business Studio
    • Model-Driven Development to TIBCO.
    • Runtime: TIBCO Active Matrix Administrator.
    • Active Matrix BPM User Clients.
    • Analysis with Active Matrix BPM with Big Picture View.

    2. Organization Modeller

    • Creating a Project and Organization Model.
    • Modeling Elements in an Organization.
    • Defining Relationships.
    • Adding Groups.
    • Assigning Privileges.
    • Capabilities.

    3. Deploying Organization Model

    • Active Matrix runtime components.
    • Deployment Configuration.
    • TIBCO Active Matrix Workspace.
    • Organization Browser.
    • Linking Organization Model to LDAP Users.

    4. Object Models

    • Business Object Modeler.
    • Business Object Model Editor.
    • Defining Packages and classes.
    • Primitive Types.
    • Enumerations.
    • Defining Attributes.
    • Linking Objects with Generalization and Compositions.

    5. TIBCO Modeling Business Processes

    • Process Modeling in TIBCO Business Studio.
    • Creating Business Process Model.
    • Hierarchy of Process Projects.
    • Defining Process Packages.
    • Package Contents.
    • Project Explorer.
    • Process Details.
    • Participant Details.
    • BPMN Elements.
    • Executing Business Process Model.

    6. Modeling Forms

    • Data Fields and Parameters.
    • Defining Data Fields and Parameters.
    • Configure User Task Interface.
    • Form Preview.
    • Default Form Layout.

    7. Process As A Service

    • About PAAS (Process As A Service).
    • Expose Process as a Service.
    • Business Service to call a PAAS.
    • Types of Business Service.
    • Creating a Business Service for a PAAS.
    • Starting Business Service.
    • Recap- Workspace, event and Process Views.

    8. Events and Gateways

    • Overview of Gateways.
    • Exclusive Data-Based Gateway.
    • Sequence Flows.

    9. Intermediate Events

    • Timer Intermediate Events.
    • Signal Intermediate Events.
    • Activity Deadline.
    • Withdraw Activity.

    10. Pageflow Processes

    • Page flow as a Business Service
    • Enhancing User Form Interaction.
    • Characteristics of Page flow Process.
    • Creating a Page flow Process.
    • Create Page flow Process Wizard.
    • Associate Page flow with Work Item.
    • Page flow Example: Work Item Form.

    11. Custom Forms

    • Forms Design Environment.
    • Form Outline Views.
    • Creating Custom Forms.
    • Form Bindings.
    • Direction of Bindings.
    • Cascading Style Sheets for styling Actions.
    • Action Types Rules.
    • Form Parameters and Form Fields.
    • Form Controls.
    • Specifying Validations.
    • Form Scripting Scope of Variables.
    • Script Execution Order.
    • JSON Files.

    12. Resource Management

    • User Task Participants and distribution Strategy
    • Work Allocation Strategy.
    • Piling.
    • Chained Execution.
    • Chaining Example.
    • Chaining with Page flow Example.
    • Separation of Duties.
    • Retain Familiar.
    • Workspace- Allocating and Reallocating work.

    13. Sub-Processes and AMX-BPM Logging

    • Sub-Process Types.
    • Reusable Sub-Process.
    • Refactoring a Process.
    • Embedded Sub-Process.
    • TIBCO AMX-BPM Logging and Auditing.
    • TIBCO Active Matrix Log Files.
    • Logging Levels.
    • Active Matrix BPM Loggers.
    • Configuring Log level.
    • Event Views.

    14. Service Tasks

    • Active Matrix BPM Service Tasks.
    • Java Service Task.
    • Java Task Execution.
    • Database Service Task.
    • Database Connection Profile.
    • JDBC Connection Resource Instance.
    • Database service Task Configuration.
    • E-Mail Service Task.
    • SMTP Resource Instance.
    • Deployment of Service Tasks.

    15. Using Web Service Tasks

    • SOAP Web Service Operations.
    • Process as a Service: Use Cases.
    • Business Process as a Web Service.
    • Service Descriptors Folder.
    • WSDL Document.
    • Service Types.
    • Web Service Task Configuration.
    • HTTP Client Resource Instance.
    • Deployment of Web Service Task.

    16. TIBCO AMX BPM Enhancing Pageflows

    • Page flow Processes and usage Patterns.
    • Long Running Services.
    • Short Running Services.

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