Terraform Online Training

Terraform Online Training


    Terraform Training enables you to discover an Opensource tool created by Hashicop. Predominantly Terraform is a tool that is developing an Infrastructure for the project. It improves Automation speed, Improves reliability, Prevents configuration drift, and supports experimentation, testing, and Optimization.

    Course Content

    1. Introduction to Terraform

    • Introduction to terraform
    • Infrastructure Automation
    • Install Terraform
    • Providers
    • Resources
    • Basic Syntax
    • Exercise: Your First Script main.tf

    2. Getting started with Terraform

    • Terraform Plan, show, Apply, Destroy
    • Exploring Terraform Registry
    • Interpolation
    • Tainting and Updating Resources
    • Terraform Console and Output
    • Terraform Variables
    • Breaking Out Our Variables and Outputs
    • Lab exercises: Breaking down main.tf into variables.tf, output.tf,

    3. Terraform Modules

    • Introduction to Modules
    • Module repositories
    • First Basic Module
    • The Module codes
    • Main Terraform Code
    • Using git repositories to save modules
    • Lab exercises: Modules for Docker
    • Lab exercises: The Docker Image Module
    • Lab exercises: Modules the Container Module
    • Lab exercises: Modules – The Root Module

    4. Terraform: Writing in a more organized way

    • Maps and Lookups
    • Terraform Workspaces
    • Breaking Out Our Variable Definitions
    • Null Resources and Local-Exec
    • Terraform Console

    5. Terraform with AWS: lab Part 1

    • Setting up the system for AWS
    • AWS Storage: The S3 Bucket and Random ID
    • AWS Storage: The Root Module
    • AWS Compute: AMI Data, Key Pair, and the File Function
    • AWS Compute: The EC2 Instance
    • AWS Compute: User Data and Template Files
    • AWS Compute: The Root Module

    6. Terraform

    • Remote state
    • Data Sources
    • Templates
    • Conditionals
    • Built-in Functions
    • Working with state files
    • Outputs, count and Join Function

    7. Terraform Integration

    • Adding S3 backend
    • Integration with Git
    • Packer introduction
    • Terraform with Packer
    • Terraform with Jenkins
    • Terraform Formatting and Remote State
    • Terraform RandomID and S3 Buckets

    8. Terraform with AWS: Lab Part 2

    • AWS Networking: VPC, IGW, and Route Tables
    • AWS Networking: Subnets, Security, and the Count Attribute
    • AWS Networking: The Root Module

    9. Terraform Troubleshooting and Testing

    • Terraform Plan revisited
    • Debugging the script
    • Terraform Testing
    • Lab: Writing test scripts for Terraform.
    • Lab: Testing with Docker
    • 10. Extending Terraform
    • Terraform with Azure cloud
    • Terraform with Google Cloud
    • Terraform Templates
    • Terraform plugins
    • Integrating Go Plugins

    11. Terraform Best Practices

    • Best practices in writing terraform scripts
    • Terraform Workflow
    • Terraform projects
    • Other Hashicorp tools
    • New features of Terraform

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