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SSRS Online Training



    Keen Technologies SSRS Training, makes you an expert in SSRS Report Building tool, working with multiple data types to create stellar Reports and Report authorization and authentication methods.

    Course Content

    1.Introduction To SSRS & Usage

    • SSRS Architecture and Tools
    • Three-Phase Report Life Cycle
    • Reporting Services Configurations
    • Report Server Database and TempDB
    • SSRS 2012 and Web Service URLs
    • SSRS 2014 and Web Service URLs
    • Communication Ports & Encryptions
    • Execution Accounts and Usage
    • Report Designer Usage and Scope
    • Report Builder Usage and Scope
    • Report Manager and Options
    • RSCONFIG Tool and Limitations

    2.Report Planning And Design

    • SSRS Report Authoring Options
    • Data Sources (RDS) Connections
    • Credentials and Security Options
    • Toolbox Items and Dataset Options
    • Table Reports and Matrix Reports
    • Report Images, Textbox and Globals
    • Dynamic Expressions and Options
    • Reporting Functions and Formatting
    • Report Headers and Report Footers
    • Enterprise and Ad-hoc Reports

    3.Report DataSets And Joins

    • Working with Multiple DataSets
    • Joining Local and Shared Datasets
    • Configuring Dynamic DataSets
    • Working with Remote Datasets
    • Reusing XML and Shared Datasets
    • Dataset Import Options in RDL
    • LOOKUP Functions – Limitations
    • Sub-Reports and Report Actions
    • Joining Rectangle & List Reports

    4.Report Design And SubReports

    • Designing Wizard based Reports
    • Custom Reports and Report Groups
    • Row Drilldown and Column Grouping
    • Advanced and Static Options in SSRS
    • Chart Based Reports and Images
    • Using SSRS Expressions & Globals
    • Accessing and Controlling Reports

    5.Report Parameters & Usage

    • Report Parameters & Properties
    • Dynamic Report Parameters and Filters
    • Dependent Parameters & Usage
    • Multi-Valued Nullable Parameters
    • Report Filters – Options and Types
    • Toolbox Filters and Limitations
    • Sub-Reports and Report Actions
    • Parent-Child Report Parameters

    6.Enterprise Reports In SSRS

    • Gauge Reports, Indicator Reports
    • Pie Charts, Bars and Spark Lines
    • Report Testing and Auto Refresh
    • Map Reports and Report Dashboards
    • Multiple Chart Areas in Dashboards
    • Report Dashboard & Limitations
    • Report Scorecards with SQL Queries
    • Exporting RDL Reports in SSRS

    7.Map Reports And Cube Reports

    • Map Reports and Stored Procedures
    • Indicators with Map Reports
    • Designing Reports using OLAP DBs
    • Identifying KPIs and Measures
    • MDX Queries with Cube Reports
    • MDX Filters with Sub-Reports
    • Scorecards with MDX and DAX
    • Sub-Reports versus Report Actions
    • Accessing and Controlling Reports


    8.Report Builder & Power View

    • Designing DataSets in Report Builder
    • Chart and Map Wizard in Report Builder
    • Report Parts and Web Services
    • Report Designer Vs Report Builder
    • Publishing Report Parts with RB
    • Stored Procedures with Report Builder
    • Report Downloads and Edit Options
    • Power Pivot & PowerView Addins
    • Power View for RDLX Reports
    • Understanding Data Models
    • Tables, Charts and Data Bars
    • SparkLines and Data-Mashup
    • Report Builder Vs PowerView

    9.Report Management Options

    • Report Manager Configurations
    • SSRS Report Builds and Deployment
    • Managing Data Source Security
    • Exporting and Importing Reports
    • Snapshot Management & Schedules
    • ReportServer Tempdb Usage & Tuning
    • Linked Reports & Null Parameters
    • Report Caching and Memory Refresh
    • Managing Reporting Engine & Tuning
    • Report Execution Audits & Events
    • Tuning SSRS Reports & Memory Options

    10.Subscriptions and Report Builder

    • Global and Shared Schedules
    • Report Subscriptions and Advantages
    • Email and Fileshare Subscriptions
    • Creating Standard Subscriptions
    • Creating Data-Driven Subscriptions
    • Data Source Credential Store Options
    • Subscription & Logging Options
    • Report Uploads and Downloads
    • Report Parts and Sub Reports
    • Report Sites and Parameter Options
    • Report Builder Connections & Caching
    • Report Builder Reports to RDL Entries


    11.Report Security And Upgrades

    • Data Source Security Credentials
    • Report Server Security Levels
    • Security Options and Report Users
    • Content Manager and My Reports
    • Cloning Report Roles and Schedules
    • Report Browser and Report Publisher
    • Report (RDL) Configuration Options
    • Managing Configurations Files
    • RSConfig & Encryption (snk) Keys
    • SSRS Reports Upgradations
    • Scale-out Deployments in SSRS

    12.Power View With SSRS

    • Managing RDL and RDLX Reports
    • Comparing PowerView and Report Builder
    • Drillthrough Report Management Options
    • Migrating Reports with SSRS and Excel

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