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SSAS Online Training



    Keen Technologies SSAS Training curriculum involves many fundamental topics, including, Datawarehouse Implementation, OLAP Data Modelling, Cube Development, Dimension Modelling, MDX Programing, DAX Expressions, MDX & DAX Reports, Data Mining with Forecasts and Tuning and Debugging operations.

    Course Content

    1.SSAS Installation and Configuration

    • Introduction to SSAS 2012 & 2014
    • Multidimensional Mode Configuration
    • Tabular Mode Configuration, In-Memory
    • Testing SSAS Workspace Servers in SSDT
    • Understanding Real-world Databases
    • Need for OLAP Databases and Mining
    • Need for Cubes and Faster Reports
    • Identifying OLAP / Analysis Entities
    • Kimball and Inmon Methods BI Design
    • SSAS Usage and Target Access Methods
    • Column Storage, Row Storage Options

    2.Basic SSAS Entities & Usage

    • Data Source and Data Source Views
    • Computed Columns and Attributes
    • Building Relationships For Cubes
    • Identifying Facts and Dimensions
    • Identifying Measurable Aggregates
    • Identifying Attributes and Hierarchies
    • Deciding Cube (MOLAP) Schema
    • Named Queries and Relations in DSV
    • Database Dimensions from DSV Entities
    • Cube Dimensions from DSV Relations
    • Cube & Database Dimensions Issues

    3.Dimension Wizard and Attributes

    • Creating Multi-Dimensional Entities
    • Attributes and Key Member Names
    • Cube Dimension Templates and Options
    • Applying Time Based Dimensions
    • Dimension Hierarchies and Limitations
    • Cube Attribute Relations and Uses
    • Composite Attribute Keys in OLAP Cubes
    • Building Attribute Levels and Hierarchies
    • Duplicate Attribute Key Errors
    • Common Deployment & Security Errors
    • Deployment Warnings in Real-World

    4.Cube Wizard and Relations

    • Cube Design Regular Templates
    • Cube Measures and Dimension Keys
    • Additive and Semi-Additive Measures
    • Cube Customization Options and MDX
    • Calculations and MDX Members
    • MDX Scripts for Member Calculations
    • Cube Calculation Sets and MDX Scripts
    • BI Enhancements and MDX in MOLAP
    • Time-Based Calculations with MDX

    5.Dimension Types & KPI

    • Role Playing Dimensions and MDX
    • Fact and Factless Dimensions
    • Referenced Dimensions & Usage
    • Conformed Dimensions & Usage
    • Degenerate Dimensions & Usage
    • Junk & Hierarchical Dimensions
    • Dimension Usage and Granularity
    • Building Fact Less Dimensions
    • Static and Dynamic KPIs with MDX
    • Parent and Child KPIs with MDX
    • Defining KPIs and Goals using MDX
    • Perspectives using MDX Expressions
    • SSAS Actions with MDX and XMLA

    6.SSAS Partitions and Aggregations

    • Local and Remote Cube Partitions
    • Storage Modes MOLAP, ROLAP, HOLAP
    • Aggregations and Proactive Caching
    • Tuning Cube Partition Processing
    • Row Estimations and Aggregations
    • Assigning Aggregations, Scripts
    • Usage-Based Optimization (UBO)

    7.MDX Functions, FILTERS and JOINS

    • MDX Functions & Conditional JOINS
    • Complex MDX Queries & FILTERS
    • CROSSAPPLY and MDX Query Filters
    • Cube and Dimension Writebacks
    • MDX with Roleplaying Dimensions
    • MDX Transactions & Limitations

    8.Data Mining and Forecast

    • Need for Data Mining Structures
    • Data Mining Algorithms and Rules
    • DMX Queries and Forecast Reports
    • Data Mining Scope and DMX Ranks

    9.Tabular Mode Cube Design

    • Entity Identification Procedures
    • Workspace Configuration Settings
    • In-Memory Processing Options
    • Advance Cube Design Scenarios
    • Aggregated Measures with KPIs
    • Partitioned Dimensions & Usage
    • Conditional MDX Scripts & Options
    • Hierarchical MDX in Tabular Mode
    • MDX Filters and Joins in Tabular Mode

    10.Deployment (Tabular & Multidimensional)

    • Deployment Options and Pre-requisites
    • Cube Deployment Process and Tools
    • SSAS Deployment Wizard Tool & Errors
    • Storage Locations Cube & Partitions
    • Creating OLAP Databases, Scripts
    • Processing Options and Schedules
    • Managing Deployment Process (OLAP)
    • SSAS Database and Cube/Mining Audits
    • MDX Query Log Tables in DB Engine
    • Flight Recorder Options and Sampling
    • Managing SSAS Log Providers

    11.OLAP Database Management

    • OLAP & Tabular Database Backups
    • OLAP Compressions and Encryptions
    • Backups, Restores and Passwords
    • Scheduling Backups and Jobs
    • OLAP DB Synchronizations and XMLA
    • Partitions Splits and Merge Options
    • Managing Partitions & Aggregations

    12.Usage-Based Optimization (UBO)

    • Need for Optimization and Audits
    • Designing Aggregations using UBO
    • Aggregations For Optimization Levels
    • Audit Query Filters and Reuse Options
    • OLAP Restore Options and XMLA

    13.Using OLAP Structures

    • Cube Analysis with Excel Tables
    • Excel Pivots and Refresh Options
    • Configuring ODC (Office) Connections
    • Prediction Functions and Analysis
    • DMX and MDX Queries Interfaces

    14.Managing Security with MDX

    • SSAS Security Roles and Scope
    • Object Level Access and Dynamic MDX
    • Item Security and DAX Expressions
    • Dynamic Cube Security with MDX
    • OLAP Security Audits and Query Logs

    15.Schedules and SSAS Upgrades

    • OLAP Management with ETL/DWH
    • MDX and OLAP Operations with ETL
    • Scheduling SSAS Operations (XMLA)
    • Comparing SSAS 2012 & SSAS 2014

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