SQL Server Performance Tuning

SQL Server Performance Tuning


    SQL Server Tuning Online Training Course Content:

    1.SQL Server Performance Tuning

    2.Introduction to SQL Server Performance Tuning:

    3.Introduction: Houston, do you have a problem?

    • Resource bottlenecks
    • Identifying issues
    • Prioritizing issues
    • Continuous process
    • SQL Server Query Basics
    • How does a query process?
    • Query Optimizer
    • Plan Cache
    • Execution plans
    • Baselines and Statistics
    • Value in knowing whats good
    • Performance metrics
    • SQL Server Statistics (DMOs)
    • SQL Server Load Testing
    • Scripts & third party tools
    • Hands-on lab: Perform SQL Server load testing using PowerShell
    • Configuring a SQL Server for Optimal Performance:
    • Hardware Environment and Configuration
    • Memory
    • Storage Platform
    • Software Environment and Configuration
    • Windows Operating System
    • SQL Server Best Practices

    4.SQL Server Performance Tuning Methodology:

    • Waits and Queues Methodology
    • Basics of methodology
    • Cashier example
    • Value of methodology
    • How to monitor Wait and Queues
    • Hands-on lab: Querying DMVs to monitor waits and queues
    • Index Tuning

    5.Index Types:

    • Clustered Indexes
    • Heaps
    • Non-Clustered Indexes
    • ColumnStore Indexes
    • Index Maintenance
    • Missing indexes
    • Database Engine Tuning Advisor
    • Duplicate Indexes
    • Hands-on lab: Perform various index tuning exercises (2 – 3)
    • Query Tuning
    • Watching selectivity
    • Order of operations
    • Blocking
    • Deadlocks
    • Locking
    • Consistency
    • Complex solutions
    • Best Practices
    • Hands-on lab: Perform various query tuning exercises (3 – 4)

    6.SQL Server Monitoring and Tools:

    • Monitoring, Alerting and Tools
    • Perfmon
    • SQL Trace
    • Profiler
    • Extended Events
    • sp_ServerDiagnostic
    • sp_WhoIsActive
    • sp_Blitz
    • sp_BlitzIndex
    • SQLIO
    • Alerting
    • Hands-on lab: Create an XEvent session to track wait resources
    • BI performance monitoring
    • Making it real
    • Phase I: Taking over a SQL Server environment
    • hase II: Identifying your problem children
    • Phase III: Achieving an acceptable level of stability & reliability

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