SQL Server DBA

SQL Server DBA


    SQL Server DBA Course Content : 

    1.Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server

    • What is a Database?
    • Why to use database?
    • What is RDBMS?
    • Types of RDBMS
    • Advantages of SQL Server
    • Requirements and scope of SQL Server

    2.Roles and Responsibilities of DBA

    • What is Administration?
    • Roles of DBA
    • Licensing and Pricing of SQL Server

    3.System Design and Architecture

    • RAID Configuration
    • Capacity Planning
    • Installation
    • Upgrades and Backward Compatibility

    4.SQL Server Database Design

    • Logical and Physical architecture of database
    • Creating Database
    • Modifying structure of Database
    • Files and File Groups
    • Data Placement and Audit Placement

    5.SQL Server Objects

    • Data Types
    • Tables
    • Constraints
    • Views
    • Indexes and performance Considerations
    • Triggers
    • Stored Procedures
    • User Defined Functions
    • Cursors
    • Synonyms


    • ACID Properties
    • Commit Modes and Rollbacks
    • Savepoints
    • Transaction Locks and Locking Mechanism
    • Isolation Levels
    • Blocking and Deadlocks

    7.Database Snapshots

    • What is a DB Snapshot
    • Why we use Snapshots
    • How to design Snapshots
    • Advantages and disadvantages
    • Precautions when designing Snapshots

    8.SQL Server Partitions

    • Partitioning Fundamentals
    • Designing Partitions
    • Creating Partitions
    • Viewing Partition Information
    • Maintaining Partitions

    9.Backup Fundamentals

    • System Failures and need of Backups
    • Use of Transaction Log
    • Microsoft SQL Server Automatic Recovery
    • Recovery Models
    • Simple Recovery Model
    • Full Recovery Model
    • Bulk Logged Recovery Model
    • Types of Backups
    • Data (Full) Backups
    • Differential Backups
    • Log Backups
    • Copy-Only Backups
    • Full-Text Catalog Backups
    • Media Devices and Media Sets
    • Overview of Backup History Tables
    • Real world Backup Strategy

    10.Restoring Data

    • Restore and Recovery Concepts
    • Restoring Data from Backups
    • Complete, Differential and Log Restores
    • Point-In-Time Restores
    • File and File Group Restores
    • Page Restores
    • Piecemeal and Online Restores
    • Reverting to Database Snapshots


    • Replication Fundamental
    • Use of Replication
    • Data Warehousing
    • Distributing and Consolidating Data
    • Offloading Report Processing
    • Replication Components
    • Types of Replication
    • Snapshot Replication
    • Transactional Replication
    • Merge Replication
    • Configuring Replication
    • Configure Distributor

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