Share Point Server Online Training

Microsoft – Sharepoint Server Course Content:

1.SharePoint Training

  • SharePoint Administration
  • Introducing SharePoint
  • Differences between WSS and Moss
  • Features of SharePoint
  • Integrating with Microsoft Office
  • SharePoint Requirements
  • Reviewing SharePoint Installation

2.WSS and SharePoint configuration

  • WSS configuration
  • MOSS configuration
  • Creating a new SharePoint Application
  • Creating SharePoint site collections
  • Configuring your site collections

3.SharePoint Lists

  • Basics of Lists
  • Adding and editing lists
  • Changing the view for lists
  • Subscribing to RSS Feeds for lists
  • Exporting list content to MS Excel

4.SharePoint Libraries

  • What is a Library and what is a Document
  • Uploading new documents to a library
  • Working with documents in a library
  • SharePoint Library templates
  • Managing and Customizing Lists and Libraries
  • Checking in and checking out files
  • Uploading files
  • Creating new library files
  • Using Library templates
  • Modifying existing lists
  • Customizing a library


  • SharePoint workflow templates
  • Custom workflows
  • Building a SharePoint workflow
  • Utilizing workflow templates
  • Associating a workflow with a document library
  • Creating a custom workflow with SharePoint Designer

6.Working with Web Parts

  • What is a web part
  • Web part pages
  • Included web parts
  • Customizing pages with web parts

7.User Management and Profiles

  • How users login to a SharePoint site
  • Managing access in SharePoint
  • Understanding membership groups
  • Understanding different levels of access
  • User Profiles
  • Audiences
  • Creating new groups
  • Creating new users
  • Maintaining a permissions model

8.Form Services

  • What is InfoPath?
  • Working with InfoPath
  • Form Controls
  • Form Templates
  • Publishing Forms to Document Libraries
  • Designing Forms
  • Publishing Forms
  • Customizing Form Templates

9.Excel Services

  • Excel Services Overview
  • The Report Center
  • Publishing a Workbook
  • Data Connections
  • Business Scorecards
  • Creating a Report Center
  • Publishing a Workbook
  • Displaying a Workbook in a Web Parts
  • Creating a KPI List
  • Creating a Digital Dashboard

10.Business Data Catalog 

  • What is the Business Data Catalog?
  • Primary Roles for the BDC

11.Web Content Management

  • The Publishing Portal
  • Working with Variations
  • Customizing the Look and Feel of a Site
  • Creating a Publishing Portal
  • Enabling Variations on a Site Collection
  • Managing Labels for Translations
  • Applying a New Master Page
  • Customizing a Master Page
  • Customizing Pages Based on Content Type
  • Enabling Publishing on a Team Site


  • Enabling Search Feature
  • Advanced Search
  • Customizing and Managing Search
  • File Types and Search Scopes
  • The Search Center
  • Exploring Basic and Advanced Search Features
  • Indexing and Searching Non-SharePoint Sites
  • Indexing and Searching File Shares
  • Scheduling Updates for Content Sources
  • Resetting Crawled Content
  • Adding a Search Scope to a Site Collection

13.Backup and Recovery

  • Backup and Recovery Considerations
  • Backup Procedures
  • Recovery Procedures
  • Backing up and recovering SharePoint configuration
  • Backing up and recovering SharePoint sites
  • Backing up and recovering databases

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