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    Sencha Touch is a user interface (UI) JavaScript library, or web framework, specifically built for the Mobile Web. It can be used by Web developers to develop user interfaces for mobile web applications that look and feel like native applications on supported mobile devices. It is based on web standards such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. The goal of Sencha Touch is to facilitate quick and easy development of HTML5 based mobile apps which run on Android, iOS, Windows, Tizen and BlackBerry devices, simultaneously allowing a native look and feel to the apps.


    • Working knowledge of C#, HTML and JavaScript
    • Working knowledge of Silverlight 2/3 basics
    • Highly recommended: web development knowledge

    Course Content

    1. Introducing the Course

    • Getting familiar with the course methodology and format
    • Understanding the course objectives
    • Understanding the course prerequisites

    2. Getting Started with Sencha Touch

    • Understanding Design Challenges with Devices
    • Introducing Sencha Touch 2
    • Setting up your Development Environment
    • Getting Started with Sencha Touch MVC
    • Working with the Sencha Touch Class System

    3.Defining Application Views and Controllers

    • Defining Views
    • Using Containers
    • Implementing a Carousel Layout
    • Implementing Controllers
    • Firing and Responding to Custom Events
    • Using Data Templates to Generate HTML

    4. Working with Structured Data

    • Introducing the Sencha Touch Data Package
    • Defining the Data Model
    • Reading Data from a Server into a Model
    • Implementing Data Drill-Down with Ext.List
    • Handling Large or Frequently Changing Datasets
    • Displaying Hierarchical Data in a Nested List
    • Using Src to Scale Images for Devices
    • Introducing Services

    5. Working with Forms

    • Defining an Input Form
    • Handling Form Events
    • Loading Data from a Model
    • Implementing Cross-Domain Resource Sharing
    • Submitting Form Data to a Server

    6. Integrating Multimedia, Maps, and Charts

    • Adding Audio, Images, and Video to your Apps
    • Adding Google Maps to your Applications
    • Visualizing Data with Charts

    9. Theming your Apps

    • Theming your app to different devices and OS
    • Using Sass and Compass
    • Using Mixins
    • Optimizing your CSS

    10. Advanced Techniques

    • Using Device Profiles to Support Multiple Form Factors
    • Creating Dynamic Views using a Factory Pattern
    • Implementing Deep-Linking and History Support

    11. Optimizing your Applications

    • Caching Data Locally with HTML5 Local Storage
    • Caching Data Locally with the SQL Proxy
    • Using Sencha Cmd to create production builds

    12. Going Native (Optional unit, requires OS/X)

    • Compiling to a Native App using Sencha Cmd
    • Accessing the Camera and other Native APIs with Ext.Device

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