SAP VIM Online Training

SAP VIM Online Training


    SAP VIM Online Training Overview:

    SAP VIM (Vendor Invoice Management) Course is a module designed to resolve issues facing the legacy invoice processing. The application comes bundled with time-tested features that will help optimize and de-complicate the purchase lifecycle and invoice management.

    SAP VIM (Vendor Invoice Management) course covers introduction to SAP VIM (Vendor Invoice Management) including VIM Overview, DP Document Processing, Invoice Exception and Approval, Administrative VIM task-1 & task 2, reports, Opentext Tools to name a few.

    SAP VIM Course Content

    1. VIM Overview

    • How VIM addresses A/P challenges
    • VIM process overview: scan to payment
    • VIM components & architecture
    • SAP documents: parked and posted
    • Swimlane process diagram
    • Introduction of ICC/OCR
    • Q and A discussion

    2. DP Document processing

    • DP processing
    • Sending documents back to rescan
    • Validating and indexing invoice metadata
    • Checking for duplicates
    • Applying business rules
    • Parking / Posting invoices for payment
    • Non PO End to End scenario
    • Q and A Discussion

    3. Invoice Exception and Approval

    • PO Blocking process
    • Invoice Approval
    • Opentext Approval portal
    • Q and A

    4. Administrative VIM task – 1

    • VIM workflow batch jobs
    • VIM Roles
    • Maintaining COA
    • Maintaining substitute
    • Hands on
    • Q and A

    5. Administrative VIM task – 2

    • ICC component Admin
    • Archive link Config
    • Hands on Archive link
    • Q and A

    6. VIM reports

    • VIM analytics report
    • Central Audit report
    • Current liablity report
    • KPA report
    • Exception analysis report
    • Productivity report
    • Aging report
    • License report

    7. Opentext Tools

    • Enterprise Scan
    • Archive server + Enterprise scan connection demo
    • SAP mass Archving scenario Demo

    8. ICC – Invoice Capture Center

    • Application creation
    • Configaration

    9. PO Invoice processing 1

    • PO roles
    • Three way match with Demo
    • OCR overview
    • Q and A

    10. PO Invoice processing 2

    • OCR with ICC : Key fields training
    • Indexing : with and without OCR
    • Q and A

    11. PO invoice processing 3

    • Exception handling
    • Posting

    12. Non – PO processing 1

    • Approval portal setup
    • Roles
    • Indexing : with and without OCR
    • Q and A

    13. Non – PO processing 2

    • Invoice Exception
    • Invoice approval

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