SAP TRM Course Content :

    1. Treasury& Risk Introduction

    • Basic Settings
    • Company Code and Required setting till GL Accounts Creation
    • Customer Master Data
    • Master Data Synchronization
    • Business Partner Grouping and Number Range
    • Business Partners Creation

    2. General Settings in Transaction Manager

    • General settings
    • Define Company Code additional data
    • Define Portfolio ( Money Market, Foreign Exchange, Derivatives, Commodities and Securities)
    • Define Traders (Business Partners)
    • Assign Factory Calendar
    • Define and Assign Accounting codes and Valuation areas
    • Initialization of Parallel Valuation Areas
    • Define and Assign Valuation Classes
    • Define Account Determination

    3. Money Market / Foreign Exchange

    • Define Product Types
    • Define Number range for Transaction Types
    • Define Flow Types
    • Assign Flow Type to Transaction Type
    • Define Calculation Procedure for Derived Flows
    • Define Derivation Procedures and Rules
    • Define Update Types and Assign Usages
    • Assign Flow Types to Update Types
    • Define Correspondence Activities
    • Assign General Valuation Class

    4. Foreign Exchange

    • Internal Forex Trading
    • Check Point

    5. Securities

    • Define Currency Units
    • Define Number Range for Security Classes
    • Define Product Type
    • Assign Product Type to Transaction Type
    • Define Company Code-Dependent Settings for the Product Type
    • Assign Flow Type to Transaction Type
    • Define Calculation Procedure for Derived Flows
    • Define Derivation Procedures and Rules

    6. Credit RiskAnalyzer(Risk Management)

      • Global Settings
      • Define Collateral Priority
      • Define Collateral Type
      • Activate/Deactivate Financial Object Integration
      • Derive Default RiskControl Parameters for Money Market transactions
      • Activate Integrated Default RiskLimit Check
      • Define Determination Procedure
      • Default Risk Control

    7. Market RiskAnalyzer(Risk Management)

      • Basic Settings
      • Define Maturity Band
      • Define Cash Flow Indicators & Cash Flow Types
      • Value at Risk
      • Key Figures and Evaluation Procedures
      • Simulation

    8. Master Data Management

      • Currency Exchange Entries
      • Reference Interest Rate Entries
      • Securities and Indexes
      • Enter Commodities Spot Prices
      • Credit Spreads for Transactions, Securities and Loans,
      • Volatilities – Interest, Securities, Exchange

    9. Portfolio Analyser

    • Flows/Cash Flows
    • Bench Marks
    • Valuation Rule
    • Result Database
    • Filters/Key Figures/Initial Layouts
    • End user Transactions
    • Work Flow / Release Strategy

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