SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization Online Training

SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization Online Training



    SAP TAO automates generation of test components for end to end scenarios. SAP TAO helps QA specialist to break down the test into components. SAP released the automation tool SAP TAO in collaboration with Focus Frame(now acquired by Hexaware). SAP TAO software can help. It enables you to easily create non production environments with relevant extracts of business data for testing developments and upgrades. So you can minimize infrastructure and maintenance expenses and maximize the effectiveness and accuracy of your non production systems.


    • The present SAP Note informs about the evolution of SAP TAO Release 2.0.

    Course Content

    1. SAP TAO Introduction

    • SAP TAO Basic Concepts
    • Overview of SAP TAO 2.0
    • SAP TAO Architecture overview
    • SAP TAO workflow
    • TAO Connection settings
    • Configuring SAP TAO
    • Generating components in TAO using Inspect and UI scanner
    • Differences between Inspect/UI scanner
    • Importing/ Exporting Business Components
    • Common components In SAP TAO
    • CBASE Libraries

    2. Installation and Configuration in SAP TAO 2.0

    • Prerequisites for Installing SAP TAO
    • SAP TAO Installation
    • SAP TAO Folder Structure
    • SAP TAO License
    • Configuring SAP Quality Center Folder Structure
    • Connecting SAP TAO to SAP Managed System
    • Connecting SAP TAO to SAP Quality Center
    • Creating Application Area in QTP
    • Exporting Local Components to QC
    • Configuration Settings for different Tabs

    3. Explanation of Different Tabs in SAP TAO

    • Process Flow Analyzer (PFA)
    • Inspection
    • Consolidation
    • Import/Export
    • Change Analyzer
    • Repository
    • Connect

    4. Test Scenarios Demo

    • PFA
    • Inspect
    • UI Scanner
    • Consolidate
    • Build Test Script
    • Consolidated Test Script
    • Execute Test Script
    • Results Analysis

    5. SAP Automation Using with QTP

    • SAP Configuration to work with QTP
    • How to Identify SAP Objects using QTP
    • Using QTP How to navigate the SAP GUI application
    • Using QTP How to navigate the SAP Portal application
    • Different Types of SAP objects

    6. Automation Using BPT

    • Introduction on BPT
    • BPT workflow
    • Creation of Manual Business Components
    • Application Area
    • Creation Of scripted Component (Automated)
    • Creation of Keyword Driven Component (Automated)
    • Creation and Execution of Manual BPT
    • Creation and Execution of Automated BPT using the automated components

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