SAP EWM Online Training

SAP EWM Online Training



    SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) is a recent addition to SAP Warehouse Management. It helps manage a variety of issues in warehouse management and materials management effortlessly. Besides it enables enterprises to enhance operations and optimize competitiveness.

    SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) course is one of the sought after. The course is ideal for working class or even a fresher. The course covers basics such as Extended Warehouse Management, EVM structure, Master Data, Integration, Structural Elements & Master Data, Goods Receipt & Inbound Process, Goods Issue & Outbound Process etc.

    SAP EWM Course Content :

    Unit 1: The Extended Warehouse Management System Environment

    Unit 2: Integration
    • Basic ERP and EWM Integration
    • Delivery Document Integration
    Unit 3: Structural Elements and Master Data

    Unit 4: Structural Elements and Master Data

    • EWM Structural Elements
    • APO Core Interface
    • EWM Master Data
    Unit 5: Warehouse Process Types
    • Warehouse Process Types
    Unit 6: Goods Receipt
    • Goods Receipt Process Overview
    • Availability Groups for Inventory Management
    • Put away Rules and Strategies
    • Capacity Checking
    Unit 7: Goods Issue
    • Goods Issue
    • Stock Removal Strategies
    • Batch Management
    Unit 8: Storage Control
    • Storage Control Concepts
    • Process-oriented Storage Control
    • Layout-oriented Storage Control
    Unit 9: Warehouse Order Creation
    • Warehouse Order Creation
    Unit 10: Posting Changes, Stock Transfers and Replenishment
    • Posting Changes and Stock Transfers
    Unit 11: Physical Inventory
    • The Physical Inventory Process
    • EWM Physical Inventory Procedures
    Unit 12: Slotting and Rearrangement? Slotting and Rearrangement

    Unit 13: Post Processing Framework (PPF)

    • Overview of Post Processing Framework (PPF)
    • PPF in Delivery Processing
    EWM: 120

    Unit 1: Yard management

    • Configuring Yard Management
    Unit 2: Wave Management
    • Configuring Wave management
    Unit 3: Material Flow Systems (MFS)
    • Configuring MFS
    Unit 4: Value Added Services (VAS)
    • Kitting
    Unit 5: Deconsolidation Process
    • Configuring Deconsolidation
    Unit 6: Cross Docking

    Unit 7: Resource Management

    Unit 8: Product

    Unit 9: Serial Numbering

    Unit 10: Integrating with Other Modules

    Unit 11: Handling Unit Management (HUM)

    Unit 12: Transportation Management

    Unit 13: Shipment

    EWM: 125

    Unit 1: Labor Management

    • Labour Management (LM)
    • Engineered Labour Management (ELM)
    Unit 2: Radio Frequency Identification System (FID)

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