SAP Agentry Essentials Online Training

SAP Agentry Essentials Online Training



    SAP Agentry is a core and fundamental mobile application development component in the SAP Mobile Platform 2.3. This course covers specifically the SAP Agentry development requirements and topics to satisfy the foundation skill set requirements for metadata-driven mobile application developers who need to learn how to develop SMP apps on Agentry.


    • Proficiency in object-oriented development and design.
    • Some basic understanding of network concepts and client-server communications.
    • Basic level SQL programming.
    • Familiarity with mobility concepts.
    • Familiarity with mobile devices and emulators.

    Course Content

    1. The Agentry Mobile Platform

    • Defining the Benefits of using the Agentry Component in SAP Mobile Platform 2.3 and 3.0
    • Identifying Agentry Platform Software Components
    • Identifying Agentry Platform Server Components and Processes
    • Describing the Agentry Editor’s Architecture
    • Identifying the Agentry Test Environment’s Component’s and Processes
    • Identifying Agentry Application Design and Development Concepts

    2. Agentry Software Component Installation

    • Installing the Agentry Server
    • Installing Agentry Editor
    • Installing Agentry Test Environment

    3. Agentry Editor Configuration

    • Creating an Agentry Application Project
    • Configuring an Eclipse Workspace

    4. Objects, Properties, and Data Retrieval

    • Adding Customer Object Properties
    • Configuring the Exchange Data Model
    • Configuring Steps
    • Configuring Fetches
    • Configuring Agentry’s Basic Client User Interface

    5. Module Data Structures and Object Collections

    • Defining Nested Collection Properties
    • Modifying Customer Object Definitions

    6. Realtime Communications and Server Push

    • Configuring Server Push Functionality for Realtime Communication

    7. Data Tables and Complex Tables for Application-Level Data

    • Configuring Data Tables
    • Configuring Complex Tables

    8. Data Capture and Transactions

    • Identifying Transaction Definitions and Types
    • Enabling Modifications to Customer Account Information
    • Enabling Additions to Customer Transactions
    • Merging Customer Transactions
    • Configuring an Add Order Transaction for an Order Object
    • Configure Product Objects
    • Enabling Background Sending with Realtime Communications

    9. Advanced Transaction Functionality

    • Enabling Data Collision Handling
    • Validating Product Transaction Data
    • Validating AddOrder Transaction Data With Signature Capture

    10. Client User Interface Development

    • Configuring the HTML Field Edit Type
    • Configuring A Looping Sub Action Step for Order Entry Navigation
    • Configuring a List Tile View
    • Enabling Scanning Functionality
    • Enabling Additional User Interface Changes

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