salesforce Einstein Analytic Online Training

salesforce Einstein Analytic Online Training



    Salesforce Einstein Analytics is an app used to visualize the activity occurring in your Salesforce environment. Whether you use Salesforce for Sales, Marketing, or Service, this visibility tool offers insights into the data (like contacts, campaigns, or accounts) your users add to the CRM every day.  Salesforce Einstein is artificial intelligence (AI) technology that has been developed for the Salesforce Customer Success Platform. . The goal of Salesforce Einstein is to give sales and marketing departments more comprehensive and up-to-date views of customers and sales prospects.

    Course Content

    1.Discovery & Planning

    • Discovery Meeting
    • Getting Logged In
    • Planning the Development

    2.Setting UP Users & Apps

    • Overview of Wave Analytics Editions, Licenses, and Permissions
    • Creating Wave Analytics Permission Sets
    • Assigning Permission Set Licenses and Permission Sets
    • Creating and Sharing Wave Analytics Apps

    3.Connecting Data

    • Overview of Connecting Data
    • Data Mapping
    • Overview of the Dataflow Process
    • Designing a Dataflow
    • Loading External CSV Data into a Dataset

    4.Building and Running a Dataflow

    • Combining Multiple Datasets in a Dataflow Using Transformations
    • Running, Monitoring, and Scheduling a Dataflow.

    5.Security- Controlling Access to Data

    • Overview of Security in Wave Analytics
    • Determining Security Requirements
    • Overview of Using Predicate Filters with Salesforce Data
    • Implementing Ownership-Based Row-Level Security
    • Implementing Role-Based Row-Level Security
    • Implementing Team-Based Row-Level Security
    • Implementing Row-Level Security with External Data
    • Overriding Security for Implementation and Testing.

    6.Building Dashboards with Templates and Mobile Layouts

    • Overview of JSON for Dashboards
    • Updating the Dashboard JSON File from the lens. Apex Page
    • How the Widgets Section of Dashboard JSON Works?
    • Building a Dashboard Using an Existing Layout
    • Wave Analytics Dashboard Templates
    • Translating Browser Dashboards to a Mobile Device
    • Creating Mobile Dashboard Layouts in the Dashboard JSON.

    7. Filtering & Binding in Dashboards

    • Limitations of Filters in Lenses and Dashboard in the UI
    • Creating a Dynamic Top-N Filter
    • Creating a Multi-Dataset Dashboard with Selection Binding
    • Creating a Dynamic Filter with Results Binding.

    8.Modifying Queries in Dashboards

    • Overview of Modifying Queries in a Dashboard
    • SAQL Overview
    • Adding a SAQL Tester Bookmarklet
    • Creating a YoY Growth Dashboard
      Part 1: Creating a Container Dashboard
      Part 2: Capturing a SAQL Query and Testing it in the Bookmarklet
      Part 3: Updating the Query with a Custom Calculation and Adding the Query to a Step’s Dashboard JSON
      Part 4: Updating the Compact Form with the Custom Measure
      Part 5: Enabling Faceting with Selections Bindings.

    9. Modifying Metadata in Lenses and Dashboards

    • Overview of Extended Metadata (XMD)
    • Backing Up and Uploading a Dataset’s XMD File
    • Adding Quick Action Menus for Records in Wave

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