Salesforce Billing Online Training

Salesforce Billing Online Training



    Salesforce Billing lets you invoice an order and manage its balances through credit and debit notes.  You can automate customer payments and process them manually or through a third-party payment gateway. Salesforce Billing applies a treatment to an order product if the treatment and the order product have a matching legal entity. Your rule can contain multiple treatments.

    Course Content

    1.CPQ & Billing Overview

    • Understand the roles of CPQ and Billing in sales and accounting
    • Identify who will likely participate in the Billing workflow
    • Investigate how CPQ helps create quotes


    • Generate orders both manually and automatically
    • Modify order data
    • Control order generation outcomes
    • Copy down data with auto-mapping
    • Investigate obstacles to order generation

    3.Invoice & Order Relationships

    • Understand invoice data model and workflow
    • Determine order product qualification for invoicing
    • Analyze order data to predict next billing date
    • Override billing dates case-by-case
    • Setup defaults for order and invoice dates

    4.Invoice Generation

    • Determine invoice due dates
    • Generate invoices on demand
    • Schedule invoice runs to regularly generate invoices
    • Split invoices by multiple factors


    • Create and organize usage records
    • Override usage quantities and dates case by case
    • Invoice usage related order products

    6.Invoice Line Pricing

    • Identify critical invoice and invoice line fields
    • Manage tiered pricing reference snapshots
    • Calculate billable unit price for subscription products
    • Determine proration calculation method


    • Understand the payment workflow in Billing
    • Create and allocate payments
    • Explore payment gateway options and settings
    • Maintain electronic payment methods
    • Collect payment through a virtual terminal
    • Schedule recurring payments

    8.Debit Notes, Credit Notes, & Refunds

    • Understand the debit note and credit note workflow
      Create and allocate debit and credit notes
    • Allocate payments to debit notes
    • Credit or cancel & rebill to roll back invoices
    • Maintain refund records

    9.Legal Entity & Taxation

    • Manage legal entity records
    • Explore tax calculation options and settings
    • Create tax rules and tax rates
    • Determine tax address

    10.Finance Books

    • Create accounting finance books
    • Generate finance periods
    • Automatically relate transactions to finance periods

    11.Revenue Recognition

    • Understand revenue transaction data model and workflow
    • Setup revenue distribution methods
    • Setup rev rec rules to generate revenue transactions
    • Manage products to leverage rev rec rules

    12.General Ledger

    • Create general ledger account records
    • Set up general ledger rules to relate transactions with accounts

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