PeopleSoft CRM Online Training

PeopleSoft CRM Online Training



    Oracle CRM is a customer relationship management application developed by Oracle Corporation. Oracle CRM includes Oracle and Peoplesoft products but leads with Siebel CRM and CRM on Demand.Oracle CRM is divided into a number of different product lines. Oracle entered the CRM market following its acquisition of Siebel Systems in September 2005 and later acquired UpShot CRM which offered a more robust user interface than the legacy Siebel On Demand product.Oracle’s PeopleSoft customer relationship management (CRM) delivers “CRM for You” solutions that have been tailored to fit your industry business processes, your customer strategies, and your success criteria.PeopleSoft customer relationship management is a family of applications in Oracle’s PeopleSoft product suite.


    • All attendees should have basic knowledge of work flow management.

    Course Content

    • Business Process Overview
      • Describing PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM Common Foundation
      • Describing Customer Management
      • Describing Workforce Management
      • Describing Workforce Management
      • Describing Product Management
      • Describing Common Features
    • Getting Started With CRM
      • Describing Sign-in Security Access
      • Signing In to PeopleSoft Applications
      • Explaining the Features of PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture
      • Using Navigational Aids to Maximize Efficiency
      • Describing Elements of Components
      • Describing Search Pages
      • Describing Methods for Efficient Searching
    • Viewing and Modifying Data
      • Describing Effective Dating
      • Describing Action Types
    • Describing Data in Tables
      • Describing Types of Tables
      • Describing Processing and Default Tables
      • Describing Translate Tables
      • Describing Transaction and Control Tables
    • Defining Business Units, SetIDs, and Tableset Controls
      • Describing the Association of Tables With Business Units and SetIDs
      • Setting Up Values in a Control Table
      • Developing Tableset Sharing Architecture
    • Working With the Customer Data Model
      • Describing the Customer Data Model
    • Managing Customers
      • Setting Up Control Values for Customers
      • Setting Up Companies
      • Setting Up Contact Information
      • Setting Up Persons
      • Setting Up Sites
      • Using Quick Create
    • Working with the 360-Degree View and the Relationship Viewer
      • Using the 360-Degree View
      • Viewing and Maintaining Relationships
    • Managing Contacts and Tasks
      • Describing Contact Management
      • Managing Contacts and Tasks
      • Setting Up Task Management
    • Managing Workers in Customer-Facing Applications
      • Describing Workers
      • Setting Up Foundational Data for Workers
      • Creating Workers
      • Defining Worker Information
    • Managing Workers in Worker-Facing Applications
      • Describing Considerations for Worker-Facing Applications
    • Managing Product Definitions
      • Describing Products
      • Setting Up Control Tables for Products
      • Setting Up Product Definitions
      • Setting Up Product Packages
    • Managing Installed Products
      • Describing Installed Products
      • Setting Up Installed Product Tracking
      • Tracking Installed Products
    • Managing Worklists and Notifications
      • Managing PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM Worklists
      • Setting Up and Using Manual Notifications
    • Evaluating Integration, Automation, and Configuration Options
      • Describing PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM Integrations
      • Describing PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM Configuration Tools

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