Oracle Time and Labor Online Training

Oracle Time and Labor Online Training


    Oracle Time and Labor Online Training Course Content:

    1. Introduction to Oracle Time and Labor
      • Collecting Time Information
      • Typical Time Management Steps
      • Common Business Issues with Time Collection
      • Oracle Time and Labor Overview
      • OTL Solution to Common Business Issues
      • Central Time Store
      • Integration with Oracle E-Business Suite
      • Integration with Oracle HR and Oracle SSHR Absence Modules
    2. Introducing the Timecard
      • The Timecard Building Blocks
      • Preferences
      • Timecard Layouts
      • Timecard Templates
      • Approvals and Validation
      • Disconnected Entry
    3. Implementation Options
      • Implementation Scenarios
      • OTLR and OTL Self-Service
      • Oracle Time Labor Rules (OTLR)
      • Basic Setup Steps
      • Security Setup Steps
      • Time Labor Rules and Preferences
      • Linking Time Management Rules
      • OTL and Absence Integration – Setup
    4. Time Entry and Approval Rules
      • Timecard Validation
      • Timecard Edits
      • Flexibility in Approvals
      • Application Sets
      • Time Entry Rules for Validation
      • Time Categories
      • Time Entry Rule Groups
      • Time Entry Rule Formulas
    5. Approval Periods and Styles
      • Approvals
      • Relating Approval Definitions
      • Recurring Periods
      • Approval Periods
      • Approval Styles
      • Approval Notifications
    6. Using Elements in OTL
      • Elements for Time Labor
      • Element Information
      • Defining Elements in OTL
      • Linking Elements in OTL
      • Element Sets
      • Element Time Information for Oracle Time and Labor Rules (OTLR)
      • Additional Element Information
    7. Mappings and Retrieval Processes
      • Accessing Time Information
      • Mappings
      • Mapping Components
      • Generate Flexfield Mappings
      • OTL Information Types Flexfield
      • Retrieval and Deposit Processes
      • Retrieval Rules
      • Approval Statuses
    8. Timecard Layouts and Preferences
      • Timecard Flexibility Using Oracle Time Labor
      • Timecard Layouts
      • Predefined Layout Styles
      • Timecard Preferences
      • Templates
      • Alternate Names
      • Eligibility Rules
    9. Defining OTLR Structures
      • Introducing Oracle Time and Labor Rules (OTLR)
      • The OTLR Timecard
      • Configuring OTLR
      • Preferences for OTLR
      • Required Set Up For OTLR
      • Holiday Calendars
      • Shifts, Work Plans, and Rotation Plans
      • Earning Groups
    10. Defining OTLR Policies
      • Defining Policies
      • Time Management Policies
      • Hour Deduction Policy
      • Shift Differential Policy
      • Premium Eligibility Policy
      • Premium Interaction Policy
      • Earning Policy
      • Policy Maintenance and Implementation Verification
    11. Assigning Structures and Policies
      • Assigning Structures and Policies
      • Assigning Rules to a Worker: Required Data
      • Assigning Rules to a Worker: Optional Data
      • Running the Person/Assignment Table List
      • Viewing Employee Assignment Information Folder
    12. Transferring Timecards to BEE and Oracle Projects
      • Time Entry using Oracle Time Labor
      • Process Flow for Transferring Timecards to BEE or Oracle Projects
      • Transfer Timecards to BEE or Oracle Projects
      • Retrieval Error Handling Report
    13. Applying Schedule Rules to Timecards
      • Applying Schedule Rules to Timecards
      • Timecard Exception Entry
      • Using Batch Element Entry (BEE)
      • Batch Status Review
      • Interfacing to Oracle Projects
      • Rollback from BEE
      • Using OTL Reports
      • Employee Time Folder
    14. Entry Level Processing
      • Features of Entry Level Processing
      • Entry Level Processing Page
      • Time Entry Rules for Validation
      • Time Entry Rule Groups
      • Entry Level Processing Rule
      • Using Entry Level Processing
      • Extended Timecard Validation
    15. Change and Late Audit (CLA)
      • Features of Change and Late Audit (CLA)
      • Audit Information Page
      • Process Flows
      • Setup Steps for Change and Late Audit
      • Defining Change and Late Entries
      • Time Entry Rules and Categories
      • Putting Change and Late Audit Rules Together for Timecard Entry
      • Entering a Timecard to initiate Change and Late Audit
    16. Timekeeper
      • Features of Timekeeper
      • Managing Time for Others
      • Super, Regular, and Limited Timekeeper
      • Self-Service Line Manager
      • Using Timekeeper Entry
      • Configuring Timekeeper Entry Window
      • Timekeeper Gropus and Entry
      • Mass Edits on the Timecards
    17. Self-Service Line Manager
      • Features of Self-Service Line Manager
      • Supervisor Hierarchy
      • Search Options
      • My List Features
      • Manager Options from the Recent Timecards Page
      • Using the Timecard Status Dashboard
      • Using the Timecard Status Dashboard
    18. Archiving and Restoring Timecards
      • Archiving
      • Archiving Processes
      • Restoring Timecards


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