Oracle Sales Cloud Incentive Compensation Online Training

Oracle Sales Cloud Incentive Compensation Online Training



    The Oracle Sales Cloud is the strategic end-to-end platform within Oracle for our field-sales organization, and we expect it to be a key enabler in our growth strategy


    • Fusion Applications: Functional Setup Manager for Implementes
    • Fusion Applications: Security Fundamentals Ed 1

    Course Content

    1. Incentive Compensation Course Overview
      • Lesson and Course Objectives
      • Course Schedule
      • Outline of Course Hands-On Activities
      • Oracle Fusion Resources
    2. Introducing Oracle Fusion Applications and Incentive Compensation
      • Introduce Oracle Fusion Applications User Interface
      • Introduce Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management, Human Capital Management, and Incentive Compensation
      • Introduce the Manage Incentive Compensation Main Business Activities
      • Introduce Incentive Compensation Transaction Processing
    3. Model and Configure Incentive Plans
      • Compensation Plans and Building Blocks Overview
      • Rate Tables and Dimensions
      • Expressions
      • Performance Measures
      • Classification Rules and Credit Category Hierarchies
    4. Assign Participants
      • Introducing Participants, Plans, and Pay Groups
      • Assigning Participants, Payment Plans, and Pay Groups
    5. Credit Participants
      • What is Sales Crediting?
      • How Much Is Appropriate?
      • Crediting Defined
      • Oracle Fusion Incentive Compensation Crediting
    6. Activity: Credit, Classify, Calculate Earnings, and Determine Payments
      • Incentive Compensation Processing Lifecycle
      • Base Transactions
      • Credited and Classified Transactions
      • Earnings and Payment Transactions
    7. Transaction Lifecycle
      • Importing, Collecting, and Managing Transactions
      • Crediting
      • Rollup
      • Classification
      • Calculation
      • Payment Entities and Processes Overview
      • Payment Transactions
    8. Sales Compensation
      • Monitor Participant and Team Performance
      • Manage Disputes
    9. Introducing Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager
      • Application Implementation Lifecycle
      • Functional Setup Enterprise Roles
      • Planning an Implementation
      • Configuring Offerings
      • Generating Setup Task Lists
      • Assigned Implementation Tasks
      • Maintaining Setup Data
      • Accessing Implementation Projects and Tasks
    10. Define Enterprise Structures for Incentive Compensation
      • Oracle Fusion Applications Business Units and Business Functions
      • Reference Data Sharing
      • Reference Data Partitions
      • Workforce Structures: Jobs and Job Families
      • Incentive Compensation and HCM Jobs
    11. Define Security and Persons for Incentive Compensation
      • IC Security Setup and Maintenance
      • Roles Assigned to Users
      • Role-Based Access Control
      • Job and Duty Roles
      • Manage Incentive Compensation Main Business Activities
      • The Security Reference Implementation
      • User Accounts and Role Provisioning
      • Managing Security Using HCM, OIM, and APM
    12. Define Trading Community Details for Incentive Compensation
      • Customer Data Model Data and Incentive Compensation Rules
      • How Oracle Fusion IC Uses Geography Reference Data
      • Implementation Considerations
      • Manage Geographies
      • File-Based Import Process
    13. Define Parties and Resources for Incentive Compensation
      • Why Parties and Resources?
      • Importing Customer Data Flow
      • Partner, Person, and Resource Application Data
      • Parties and Party Relationships and Data Model
      • How Data Objects Reference Each Other
      • Using Text and XML Files for Import
    14. Maintain Common Reference Objects
      • Application Taxonomy Overview
      • Define ISO Reference Data
      • Profile Options, Levels, and Values
      • Lookups
      • Flexfields
      • Value Sets
      • Set Activity Stream
      • Manage Menu Customizations
    15. Define Incentive Compensation Shared Configuration
      • Calendar Period Types and Periods
      • Multicurrency Support
      • Converting IC Currencies
    16. Define Incentive Compensation Business Unit Configuration
      • Setting Calendar, Currency, and Processing Parameters
      • Configuring Tables and Columns
      • Enabling Attributes for Calculation
      • Manage Earning Types
      • Period Statuses
      • Participant Import
    17. Define Incentive Compensation Custom Qualifiers and Lookups
      • Manage Incentive Compensation Custom Qualifiers and Lookups
    18. Define Approval Management for Incentive Compensation
      • Approval Management Overview
      • Setting Up Approval Management
      • Manage Task Configurations
      • Approval Groups
    19. Define Application Toolkit Configuration
      • Map Reports to Work Areas
    20. Define Extensions for Incentive Compensation (ESS)
      • Manage Job Concepts
      • Updating Custom Processes
      • Manage List of Values Sources
    21. Course Summary
      • Key Conceptual Concept Summaries
      • Transactional Course Activities Summary
      • Implementation Course Activities Summary


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