Oracle Retail Merchandise Planning and Optimization Online Training

Oracle Retail Merchandise Planning and Optimization Online Training



    The Oracle Retail Merchandise Planning and Optimization Implementation Functional Specialist certification is designed for individuals who possess a strong foundation and expertise in implementing Merchandise Financial Planning solutions. Oracle Retail Merchandise Planning and Optimization supports cross-channel processes with a focus on revenue, inventory productivity and margin improvements. Oracle’s best-in-class business solutions provide the ability to configure the solution and apply science to the art of merchandising across all retail segments throughout the product lifecycle, from entrance to exit strategy.


    • Retail Business knowledge
    • Retail Accounting knowledge
    • RPAS Technical Essentials: Fusion Client

    Course Content

    1. Overview of RPAS

    • Introduction
    • RPAS Configuration Process
    • Configuration Manager
    • Configuration Manager Icons

    2. RPAS Configuration Manager

    • Purpose and Functionality of the RPAS Configuration Tools
    • Basic Components of the RPAS Applications that are Configurable
    • Configuration Manager User Interface Features
    • Project and Solution Relationships
    • Project and Solution Roles in Relation to the RPAS Applications
    • RPAS Configuration Steps

    3. System Preferences

    • Domains
    • Global Domains
    • Setting Configuration Properties

    4. Projects

    • Define a Project
    • Simple and Global Domains
    • Create a Project
    • Open Existing Projects
    • Saving Projects
    • Relationships between Projects and Solutions

    5. Solutions

    • Define a Solution
    • Create a Solution
    • Types of Information Stored at the Solution Level
    • Move Solutions using the Configuration Manager

    6. Hierarchies

    • Relationships Between Hiearchies, Dimensions, and Postions
    • Hiearchy Functions
    • Create Hierarchies
    • Specify Hiearchy Properties
    • Define a Dimension
    • Edit Dimensions

    7. Style Definition

    • What are Styles in RPAS
    • Identify Style Attributes
    • Style Definition Tool Functionality
    • Create Styles
    • Edit Styles

    8. Measures

    • Measure Component Process
    • Major and Minor Components
    • Component Properties
    • Edit Components
    • Realize Measures
    • Sort and Filter Measures

    9. Rule Sets

    • Explain Rule Sets
    • Create a Rule Set
    • Create Attributes
    • Edit Properties
    • Delete Rule Sets

    10. Rule Groups

    • Working with Rule Groups
    • Filter Rules
    • Copy Rules
    • Using Find/Replace Measures in Copied Rules
    • Rules
    • Interaction
    • Define Rules
    • Create Rules
    • Edit Rules
    • Apply a Rule Pattern

    11. Workbooks

    • Purpose
    • Format a Workbook
    • Create a Workbook
    • Describe Participation Measures
    • Describe Extended Measures
    • Rule Group Simulator: Features and Functionality

    12. Workbook Tabs

    • Workbook Tab Functions
    • Create a Workbook Tab
    • Edit a Workbook Tab
    • Custom Menu Options

    13. Worksheets

    • Worksheet Functionality
    • Create a Worksheet
    • Properties
    • Measure Sequence in Workbooks

    14. Wizards

    • Wizard Designer
    • Creating Custom Wizards
    • Edit Control Properties

    15. Data Interface Manager

    • Functionality
    • Configure Measures
    • Specify Load Intersections
    • Edit Load Intersections

    16. Activity Task Flow

    • Purpose
    • Navigation
    • Create Activities, Tasks, Steps, and Tabs
    • Associate Workbooks and Worksheets
    • Edit Properties
    • Taskflow Validation
    • Generate a Taskflow Configuration Document

    17. RPAS Domains

    • Decision Process
    • Patching Domains
    • Domain Daemon
    • Building Domains

    18. Miscellaneous Utilities

    • Using the Configuration Converter
    • Using the Function Library Manager
    • Using the Report Generator

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