oracle rac dba10g

oracle rac dba10g


    Oracle RAC DBA (10g/11g) Course Content:

    1.Introduction to Oracle Database Real Application Clusters

    • Oracle Cluster ware and Oracle Real Application Clusters,
    • Oracle Automatic Storage Management
    • Tools for Installing, Configuring and Managing Oracle RAC

    2.Preparing Your Cluster

    • Verifying Hardware Network, Operating and Software Requirements
    • Prepare Users and Groups
    • Secure Shell (with RSA, DSA Keys)
    • User Equivalence
    • Configuring the Operating System Environment
    • Configuring the Network
    • Configuring Installation Directories
    • Shared Storage Setup
    • Choosing Oracle Base, Clusterware Home Directories

    3.Installing and Configuring Oracle RAC

    • Downloading RAC Installation Files – Where and How?
    • Installing Oracle Clusterware 10g
    • Configure Operating System Environment
    • Verify Configuration Using the Cluster Verification Utility
    • Using Oracle Universal Installer to Install Oracle Clusterware
    • Completing the Oracle Clusterware Configuration
    • Installing the Oracle Database Software and Creating a Cluster Database
    • Verifying your Oracle RAC Database Installation
    • Performing Post installation Tasks
    • Verifying the Clusterware Installation

    4.Administering Database Instances and Cluster Databases

    • Overview of Oracle RAC DB Mgmt
    • Starting and Stopping Oracle RAC Databases and Database Instances
    • Viewing and Modifying Oracle RAC Initialization Parameters
    • Administering Redo Log Groups and Redo Threads in Oracle RAC
    • Creating SPFILE, Shared SPFILES Network Files, Listeners
    • Administering Automatic Undo Management in Oracle RAC

    5.Administering Oracle Clusterware Components

    • About Oracle Clusterware
    • Backing Up & Recovering VD, OCR
    • Adding & Removing VD, OCR
    • Changing the Oracle Cluster Registry Configuration
    • Troubleshooting the Oracle Cluster Registry
    • Using the OCRCHECK Utility
    • Resolving Common Oracle Cluster Registry Problems

    6.Managing Database Workload Using Services

    • About Oracle Services
    • Configuring Services for HA
    • Enabling the Load Balancing Advisory
    • About Connection Load Balancing
    • Client & Server-Side Load Balancing
    • Runtime Connection Load Balancing
    • Fast Application Notification (FAN)
    • Creating Services
    • Administering Services

    7.Node Addition & Removal

    • Preparing Access to the New Node
    • Add Oracle Clusterware
    • Add ASM home
    • Add RAC home
    • Add a listener
    • Add a database instance Delete the instance Clean up the ASM instance
    • Remove the listener
    • Remove the node from the database
    • Remove the node from ASM
    • Remove the node from the Cluster ware

    8.Oracle RAC Upgrades

    • Upgrade Paths
    • Base Installation (
    • Patch set Upgrade (—>
    • Oracle RAC 11g Version Upgrade ( —>
    • Patch set Upgrade (—>
    • Bundle Patch ( —>
    • Orace11g R2 GRID ( —>
    • New RAC 11g R2 Grid Install (

    9.Oracle 11g R2 Grid Infrastructure Administration

    • Oracle Clusterware Architecture
    • Oracle Clusterware Software and Storage
    • Describe ASM Architecture
    • Creating and Managing ASM Disk Groups
    • Creating and Managing ACFS File systems

    10.Grid Infrastructure Installation and Configuration

    • Hardware Requirements
    • Network Requirements
    • Grid Plug and Play Considerations
    • Single Client Access Names (SCAN)
    • Post installation tasks
    • Determining the Location of the OCR Files
    • Backing Up and Recovering the VD
    • Adding, Deleting, or Migrating VD
    • Locating the OCR Automatic Backups
    • Oracle Local Registry
    • Migrating OCR Locations to ASM
    • Managing Network Settings

    11.Design for High Availability

    • Maximum Availability Architecture
    • Dataguard Architecture
    • Modes of Dataguard
    • Physical standby DB
    • Logical Standby DB
    • Configuring DATAGUARD with RAC
    • Failover & Switch over mechanisms
    • Roll Forward mechanism

    12.Database Performance Tuning

    • RAC related PT

    13.Oracle Weblogic 10g Administration

    • Weblogic Overview
    • Installation, Configuration
    • Domain Creation
    • Node Manager, Admin Server, Managed Server
    • Creating Weblogic Cluster
    • User Management
    • Deployment of Applications Extending Domains

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