Oracle Internet Directory

Oracle Internet Directory


    Oracle Internet Directory Course Content:

    1.Understanding Oracle Identity Management

    • Explain why an administrator should understand identity management and Oracle Identity Management products
    • Discuss the importance, benefits, and functional aspects of identity management
    • Identify Oracle Identity Management products
    • Describe features, benefits, and functional aspects of these products
    •  Explain how Oracle Internet Directory and Oracle Virtual Directory function with each other and with other Oracle Identity Management products

    2.Understanding Basic LDAP Concepts

    • Identify directory services
    • Discuss LDAP
    • Explain how LDAP functions
    • Describe how LDAP is used

    3.Oracle Internet Directory: Installation and Configuration

    • Understand different Identity Management installation flows
    • Setup prerequisites for installing Oracle Internet Directory
    • Install and Configure Oracle Internet Directory
    • Perform postinstallation validation checks
    • Perform steps to uninstall Oracle Internet Directory

    4.Getting Started with Oracle Internet Directory

    • Identify roles and relationships of Oracle Internet Directory components
    • Discuss how Oracle Internet Directory processes LDAP requests
    • Explain the architecture of Oracle Internet Directory
    • Discuss how to backup and restore directory data
    • Describe how to perform schema management using Oracle Directory Services Manager
    • Create, modify, and delete Attribute Uniqueness constraints
    •  Manage object classes
    • Create, modify, and delete content rules

    5.Oracle Internet Directory: Directory Server Administration

    • Understand naming contexts
    • Manage knowledge references and referrals
    • Understand alias entries
    • Manage static and dynamic groups
    • Identify Oracle Internet Directory management tools
    • Understand Oracle Internet Directory process control architecture
    • Start and stop Oracle Internet Directory
    • Manage several users and passwords pertaining to OID

    6.Oracle Internet Directory: Directory Security

    • Understand different authentication modes
    • Configure Oracle Internet Directory password protection
    • Configure password policies
    • Understand password verifiers
    • Configure SSL for Oracle Internet Directory
    • Integrate with Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)
    • Integrate with Oracle Database Vault
    • Understand access control management

    7.Oracle Directory Integration Platform: Synchronization Concepts

    • Explain the Oracle Directory Integration Platform synchronization service
    • Describe features and benefits of Oracle Directory Integration Platform synchronization services
    • Describe the security feature in the Oracle Directory Integration Platform
    • Explain connectors, profiles, and agents
    • Describe starting, stopping, debugging, and logging options of Oracle Directory Integration Platform
    • View and monitor the Directory Integration Platform using Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware control

    8.Oracle Directory Integration Platform: Synchronization Services Administration

    • Explain the Oracle Directory Integration Platform synchronization process in detail
    • Register connectors to Oracle Internet Directory
    • Explain domain and attribute mapping rules
    • Describe the use of matching filters in profiles
    • Explain bootstrapping data into Oracle Internet Directory
    • Describe the synchronization of data from relational tables into Oracle Internet Directory
    • Troubleshoot issues with Oracle Directory Integration Platform synchronization services

    9.Integrating with Microsoft Active Directory

    • Configure basic synchronization with Microsoft Active Directory
    • Configure advanced synchronization with Microsoft Active Directory

    10.Oracle Internet Directory: Replication Concepts

    • Explain basic Oracle Internet Directory replication concepts
    • Explain different types of replica
    • Describe Replication Configuration Objects in Oracle Internet Directory
    • Describe the Oracle Internet Directory Replication architecture
    • Explain LDAP-based replication failover
    • Describe the conflict resolution mechanism in Oracle Internet Directory Replication
    • Describe filtering rules for partial replication

    11.Oracle Internet Directory: Replication Implementation

    • Understand Remtool
    • Explain rules for configuring LDAP-based Replication
    • Install and configure one-way, two-way, or MMR using LDAP Replication
    • Start the Oracle Internet Directory replication server
    • Add and delete the replication node based on Oracle LDA

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