Oracle Identity Analytics

Oracle Identity Analytics


    Oracle Identity Analytics Course Content:

    1.Introducing Oracle Identity Analytics 11gR1

    • Identifying the business drivers for role management
    • Describing methods for meeting compliance
    • Describing how a role management solution streamlines the process
    • Describing the features and components of Oracle Identity Analytics
    • Describing an Oracle Identity Analytics implementation
    • Creating the Oracle Identity Analytics folder structure and schema
    • Installing, configuring, deploying, and launching Oracle Identity Analytics

    2.Building the Identity Warehouse

    • Describing Oracle Identity Analytics terminology, the Identity Warehouse, methods for importing data, job scheduling, and risk
    • Building an Identity Warehouse
    • Creating a provisioning server
    • Importing users, accounts, roles, and policies
    • Defining resource types and business structures
    • Configuring an application
    • Managing resource data
    • Configuring risk

    3.Configuring Oracle Identity Analytics Security

    • Identifying Oracle Identity Analytics users and roles
    • Comparing Oracle Identity Analytics users and global users
    • Configuring the creation and correlation between Oracle Identity Analytics users and a global user
    • Comparing Oracle Identity Analytics roles and Identity Warehouse roles
    • Creating and managing Oracle Identity Analytics roles
    • Describing proxy assignments
    • Creating proxies for users

    4.Managing Identity Certifications for User Entitlements and Data Owners

    • Describing security challenges faced by organizations
    • Describing the benefits of an automated certification process
    • Establishing a certification environment
    • Configuring the Oracle Identity Analytics Glossary
    • Describing the identity certification process
    • Configuring, creating, and completing identity certifications for user entitlements and data owners (User Entitlement and Data Owner identity certifications)
    • Performing remediation validation on the identity certifications

    5.Managing Identity Certifications for Resources and Roles

    • Comparing identity certifications for resources and roles (Resource Entitlement and Role Entitlement certifications)
    • Configuring, creating, and completing Resource Entitlement and Role Entitlement certifications
    • Explaining incremental certification

    6.Configuring Auditing

    • Describing identity auditing
    • Configuring audit rules and audit policies
    • Performing audit scans and detecting policy violations
    • Scheduling audit scan jobs

    7.Performing Role Engineering

    • Describing best practices for defining roles
    • Configuring logging for role mining
    • Performing role mining
    • Configuring, reviewing, and analyzing role mining results
    • Performing entitlements discovery

    8.Performing Role Management

    • Describing the phases of a role’s life cycle
    • Describing best practices for managing roles
    • Configuring role and rule workflows
    • Modifying and approving roles
    • Consolidating roles
    • Configuring role provisioning rules
    • Configuring rules, policies, and roles for segregation of duties (SoD)
    • Configuring event listeners

    9.Generating Reports

    • Creating predefined reports
    • Generating custom reports

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