Oracle Identity Access Manager

Oracle Identity Access Manager


    Oracle Identity Access Manager Course Content:


    • Course overview
    • Identity Management and its benefits
    • Functional aspects of Identity Management
    • Introduction to Oracle Identity and Access Management suite
    • Mapping the identity and access functionalities with Oracle Identity and Access Management components

    2.Understanding Oracle Identity Manager

    • Identify the suite of Oracle Identity and Access Management products
    • Business Challenges and Solutions that Oracle Identity Manager addresses
    • Components of the Oracle Identity Manager architecture
    • Managing reconciliation and provisioning
    • Connector provisioning and reconciliation actions

    3.Understanding Oracle Access Manager

    • Oracle Access Manager Overview
    • Query Builder
    • Access System Architecture
    • Access System Operation
    • Overview of Authentication and Authorization Plug-Ins
    • Other features of Oracle Access Manager

    4.Installing and Configuring Oracle Identity Manager

    • Prepare a predefined database for Oracle Identity Manager
    • Install and deploy the Oracle Identity Manager Diagnostic Dashboard
    • Use the dashboard to test the Oracle Database installation
    • Install Oracle Identity Manager Server
    • Install the Oracle Identity Manager Design Console

    5.Installing Oracle Access Manager Identity System

    • Oracle Access Manager Installation Prerequisites
    • Steps for Installing Identity System
    • Installing Identity Server
    • Installing WebPass
    • Setting Up Identity System

    6.Managing Users and User Entities

    • Oracle Identity Manager users: system administrators, Oracle Identity Manager connector administrators, and end users
    • User membership in organizations and user groups
    • Organizations and user groups
    • Assign an Oracle Identity Manager user to a user group
    • View and Modify Profiles
    • Change challenge questions and reset passwords


    • Oracle Identity Manager connector overview
    • Transfer connectors from one environment to another
    • Take advantage of the benefits and best practices of using connectors
    • List the connectors in the Oracle Identity Manager Connector Pack
    • Identify the Deployment Manager


    • Define approval processes and approval process tasks
    • Add an approval process and task to this workflow
    • Identify requests
    • Create a request to approve and provision a resource to a user


    • Define reconciliation
    • Types of reconciliation
    • Reconciliation events
    • Reconciliation workflow
    • Reconciliation classes, scheduled tasks, and reconciliation rules


    • Reports overview
    • Three types of reports that are available with Oracle Identity Manager
    • Discuss the custom reports that can be created by using a third-party tool
    • Exception reports handling
    • Create operational, historical, and exception reports

    11.Attestation Processes

    • Define attestation and attestation processes, including the fundamental components of an attestation process
    • Describe the types of users who analyze, create, and manage attestation processes
    • Identify the types of data to be attested
    • Discuss an attestation process schedule
    • Explain an attestation process workflow from beginning to end
    • Configure your Oracle Identity Manager environment to manage attestation processes
    • Create an attestation process with the Administrative and User Console


    • Identify customization levels for the Administrative and User Console
    • Configure Oracle Identity Manager to modify this console
    • Modify the console “look and feel” to brand it for your company
    • Change console functionality without modifying Oracle Identity Manager code

    13.Customizations Using Java APIs

    • Identify an application programming interface (API)
    • Advantages of using Oracle Identity Manager APIs
    • Types of Oracle Identity Manager APIs: utility classes, factory classes, and result set interfaces
    • Capabilities of a connector
    • Lookup fields and user-defined fields

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