Oracle Fusion SCM Cloud Course Content :


    • Overview on Fusion Cloud & Features
    • Functional Setup Manager Overview
    • Enterprise Structure
    • Create Implementation Project
    • Define Common Applications Configuration for Procurement
      Define Implementation Users
    • Manage Currencies
    • Manage Conversion Rate Types
    • Manage Daily Rates
    • Define Enterprise Structures for Procurement
    • Manage Reference Data Sets
    • Manage Geographies
    • Define Enterprise for Procurement
    • Manage Locations
    • Define Legal Jurisdictions and Authorities for Procurement
    • Define Legal Entities for Procurement
    • Define Chart of Accounts of Enterprise Structures for Procurement
    • Manage Accounting Calendars
    • Manage Primary Ledgers
    • Assign Legal Entities

    2.Inventory Management

    Overview on Inventory & associated features

    • Manage Business Unit
    • Manage locations
    • Assign Business Unit business Function
    • Manage business Unit Set Assignment
    • Manage Facility Shift
    • Manage Facility Workday Pattern
    • Manage Facility Schedules
    • Manage Item Organization
    • Manage Inventory Organization
    • Organization Parameters
    • Associating Inventory Organization with Location
    • Data Role Assignment to Implementation user
    • Manage Item Profile Options
    • Manage Unit of Measure Profiles
    • Manage Units of Measure
    • Manage UOM Classes
    • Manage UOM Standard Conversions
    • Manage Life Cycle Phases
    • Manage Operational Attribute Groups
    • Manage Default Item Class
    • Manage Item Status
    • Manage Item Types
    • Manage Item Descriptive Flexifields
    • Manage Key Flexifield for catalogs
    • Manage Default Catalog
    • Manage Inventory Profile Options
    • Manage Inventory Account Alias Key Flex field
    • Manage Inventory Transaction types
    • Manage Inventory Locator Key Flexifield
    • Manage Sub inventory & Locations
    • Manage Inter organization parameters
    • Manage Receiving Profile Option
    • Manage Receiving parameters


    Overview on Costing & its associated features with Inventory Module

    • Manage Cost Organizations
    • Verify Data Role generation for Cost Organizations
    • Manage Cost Books.
    • Manage Cost Organization Relationships
    • Manage Cost Analysis Groups
    • Manage Valuation Structure
    • Manage cost Elements
    • Manage Cost Component Mappings
    • Cost Component Groups
    • Manage Cost Profiles
    • Manage Default Cost Profiles
    • Manage Valuation Units
    • Define Sub ledger Accounting methods
    • Manage Mapping Set – Cost Management
    • Manage Cost Analysis Mappings
    • Schedule Process – Transfer Transactions from Inventory to Costing
    • Schedule Process – Transfer Transactions from Receiving to Costing
    • Define Run Control
    • Schedule Process – Transfer Transactions from Inventory to Costing
    • Schedule Process – Transfer Transactions from Receiving to Costing
    • Define Run Control
    • Miscellaneous Transactions
    • View Accounting Entries


    Overview on Procurement Suite & Purchasing Features .

    • Manage Procurement Agent
    • Manage Purchasing Profile Options
    • Manage Procurement Document Numbering
    • Manage Purchasing Line types
    • Manage Document Styles
    • Manage Purchasing Descriptive Flexifields
    • Manage Requisition Descriptive Flexifields
    • Configure Procurement Business Function
    • Configure Requisition business function
    • Manage Common Options for Procurement and payable
    • Define Receiving Configuration
    • Manage Receiving Parameters
    • Manage Requisition Approvals
    • Manage Purchasing Document Approvals
    • Manage Mapping sets -Procurement
    • Manage Sub ledger Accounting options
    • Define Cost Management Mapping set for procurement
    • Requisition Creation
    • Auto Create PO
    • PO Creation
    • PO Receiving
    • View Accounting Entries
    • Requisition and PO Document Approvals.
    • Requisition creation
    • Purchase order creation
    • Receiving
    • Accounting

    5.Order Management

    Overview on Features associated with Order Management & Orchestration Process.

    • Shipping Parameter
    • Ship confirm Rule
    • Order Management Parameter
    • Manage Orchestration Source System
    • Define Orchestration Process
    • Assignment of Orchestration assignment Process Rules
    • Create Price List
    • Pricing segment
    • Pricing Startergy
    • Assignment pricing startergy
    • Create Order
    • Pick & ship confirm confirm
    • Drop-shipment Order

    6.Implementation Overview on OUM Methodology with respect to Oracle Fusion/Cloud.

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