Oracle Fusion HCM Techno Functional Online Training

Oracle Fusion HCM Techno Functional Online Training



    Oracle Fusion HCM Techno Functional leads to  the Analytics market. It has a massive opportunities, and also it is a job oriented course.

    Course Content

    1.Introduction to Fusion and Cloud

    • History of ERP and Oracle Fusion Cloud
    • Overview Cloud Concepts (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)

    2.Global HR – Define Geographies

    • Establishing Enterprise Structures Using the ESC
    • Reviewing the enterprise Structure Configuration
    • Viewing the Technical Summary Report
    • Loading the Configuration and Rolling Back
    • Legal Entity Role
    • Legal Entity Considerations
    • Legal Entity and its Relationship to Divisions
    • Legal Reporting Units Overview
    • Legislative Data Groups
    • Defining Locations
    • Defining HCM Organizations
    • Actions and Action Reasons
    • Collective Agreements
    • Geography Model
    • Geography Structure
    • Workforce Structure
    • Employment Model
    • HR Transaction (Hire to Retire process)
    • Portraits (ESS/MSS)
    • Flex fields (DFF, EFF, KFF)
    • Value set
    • Lookup Values

    3.Global HR – Employment Model

    • Two-Tier Employment Model
    • Two-Tier Model: Single Assignment
    • Two-Tier Model: Multiple Assignments
    • Two-Tier Model: Single Assignment with Contract

    4.Global HR – HCM Organization Tree

    • Organization Tree
    • Department Tree
    • Position tree
    • Geography tree

    5.Global HR – Define Grades

    • Grades Setup and Maintenance
    • Defining Grades
    • Defining Grade Rates
    • Defining Grade Ladders

    6.Global HR – Define Jobs

    • Jobs Setup and Maintenance
    • Lookups for Jobs
    • Grades
    • Job Families

    7.Global HR – Define Positions

    • Positions Setup and Maintenance
    • Lookups for Positions
    • Positions Example: Retail Industry

    8.Fusion Payroll

    • Element Creation
    • Quick pay
    • Calculate payroll
    • Quick pay
    • Costing
    • Payroll Batch Loader
    • Fast Formulas – Compensation override
    • Fast Formulas – Elements Eligibilities
    • Fast Formulas – Element Input Value
    • Fast Formulas – Accrual

    9.Fusion Absence Management

    • Overview
    • Accrual Plan Attributes and Participation
    • Absence Plans
    • Accrual Plan
    • Accrual Plan Participation
    • Eligibility Profiles
    • Derived Factors
    • Absence Plans and Payroll
    • Qualification Plans, Attributes and Participation
    • Rate Definitions and Elements
    • Absence Management Setup Framework
    • Absence Types and display features
    • Absence Certifications
    • Managing Absence records and entitlements
    • Schedule and Monitor absence process

    10.Fusion Compensation Management

    • Grade
    • Grade rates
    • Salary
    • Salary basis
    • Individual compensation
    • Workforce Compensation
    • Compensation Change Statement
    • Total Compensation Statement

    11.Fusion Security

    • Overview of Fusion Security
    • Understanding types of roles e.g. job role, data role, abstract roles, duties, aggregative privileges etc.
    • Roles customization using security console
    • Security Profiles
    • Setting up data roles

    12.Fusion Profile Management

    • Content Library
    • Content items
    • Content type
    • Model Profiles

    13.Fusion Goal Management

    • Goal Plan
    • Goal Plan Set
    • Administer Goal

    14.Fusion Performance Management

    • Performance Template
    • Questionnaires
    • Rating Model
    • Tasks

    15.Fusion Succession Management

    • Succession plan
    • Talent Pool

    16.Talent Review

    • Talent Review Meeting

    17.Personalization using Sandbox and Page Composer

    • Create Sandbox
    • Delete Sandbox
    • Activate Sandbox
    • Deactivate Sandbox
    • Publish Sandbox
    • Export Sandbox
    • Import Sandbox
    • Add, move, delete, show, or hide components on a page
    • Change a page layout
    • Create a site-level search for all users
    • Customize a page title
    • Customize a task list menu
    • Customize popup window content
    • Customize attributes for a flex field on a page
    • Customize properties for UI components on a standard page
    • Logo upload
    • Hide/Enable field
    • Renaming the fields
    • Hide/Enable Structure menu icons

    18.HCM Extracts

    • Create New Extracts
    • Changes only extract
    • Root connects
    • E-text template

    19.Data Conversion and Load

    • Introduction to Spreadsheet Loader
    • Examples of Spreadsheet Loader
    • Introduction to HCM Data Loader (HDL)
    • HDL Data Flow
    • Supported Key Types
    • Object References
    • Key Resolution Sequence
    • Fusion HCM Business Object Structure
    • Zip File Structure
    • Data File Structure
    • File Line Instruction Tags
    • File Discriminators
    • Line Structuring
    • Line Ordering
    • Preparing and Validating Source Data
    • Generating and modifying Templates
    • Handling Flex fields
    • Reviewing Enterprise Settings
    • Data Migration Examples by HDL – Work Structure (Job, Grade, Location, Department, Org Tree)
    • Introduction to Payroll Batch Loader
    • Payroll Batch Loader examples like Bank, Bank Branches, Bank Account, Elements Eligibilities, Personal Payment Method


    • New creation of reports
    • Subject area

    21.BI Reports

    • Introduction to BI Reports
    • Working example of BI Reports
    • Create New Reports
    • Subject area


    • Oracle Fusion HCM Workflow & Approval Management Overview
    • Oracle Fusion HCM Approvals Setup and Maintenance
    • Approval Rules
    • Approver Types
    • Oracle BPM Worklist Examples

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