Oracle ESB


    This course covers the concepts of Oracle Service Oriented Architecture; integration of data and enterprise applications within the organization and trading partners. This course also covers configure and test ESB and adapter services.

    Oracle Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Course Content:

    1.SOA Course Overview

    • Course Objectives and Course Environment
    • SOA Architecture and Standards
    • Oracle ESB Architecture
    • Overview of XML, XSD, XPath, XSLT Overview
    • Introduction to SOAP, WSDL, UDDI
    • Services with BPEL
    • Business Rules and Decision Services
    • Oracle Web Services Manager
    • Life Cycle SOA Applications

    2.Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Overview

    • Enterprise Service Bus Architecture Overview
    • Benefits of ESB
    • Developing the Enterprise Service Bus
    • Routing Services and Rules
    • XSLT Data Mapper and Transformations
    • Creating an ESB Project in JDeveloper
    • Managing Transactions with ESB Adapters

    3.Developing the Enterprise Service Bus

    • Introduction to JDeveloper
    • Applications and ESB Projects
    • Understanding ESB Services and Service groups
    • Registering ESB projects and services
    • Testing ESB projects

    4.Inbound and Outbound Services

    • Adapter Framework
    • Supported and Bundled Adapters
    • Oracle Application Adapter Service
    • File and FTP Adapter
    • Advanced Queuing
    • Database and JMS adapters

    5.Routing Services and Routing Rules

    • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Overview
    • Setting Up
    • Document Methods, Types and Standards
    • X12, EDIFACT, AS2 Overview
    • File Types and FTP
    • Envelope and Documents
    • Managing Business Protocols
    • Creating Trading Partners
    • Managing Trading Partners
    • Creating and Managing Trading Partner Agreements
    • Creating and Deploying a Configuration

    6.Administration and Security

    • Administration Utilities Overview
    • Security requirements
    • Administering Oracle Application Server Integration B2B
    • Oracle Application Server Integration B2B Security
    • Reporting

    7.Exception Handling

    • Inbound Exception Handling
    • Outbound Exception Handling

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