Oracle Enterprise Asset Management Online Training

Oracle Enterprise Asset Management Online Training



    Enterprise asset management (EAM) means the whole life optimal management of the physical assets of an organization to maximize value. It covers such things as the design, construction, commissioning, operations, maintenance and decommissioning/replacement of plant, equipment and facilities. “Enterprise” refers to the management of the assets across departments, locations, facilities and, in some cases, business units. By managing assets across the facility, organizations can improve utilization and performance, reduce capital costs, reduce asset-related operating costs, extend asset life and subsequently improve ROA (return on assets).


    • CCB Fundamentals
    • MDM Fundamentals

    Course Content

    1. eAM Learning Objective

    • Use eAM work management.
    • Create work requests and work orders.
    • Use preventive maintenance.
    • Set up Oracle Enterprise Asset Management

    2. Introduction to Oracle Enterprise Asset Management R12 Overview

    • Discuss the key functionality available in Oracle Enterprise Asset Management
    • User Roles

    3. Setting Up R12 Oracle Enterprise Asset Management

    • Setting up eAM Organizations and Parameters
    • General Setup Tasks
    • Defining Lookups
    • Defining Category Codes and Sets
    • Defining Assets
    • Setting up Rebuildable Items
    • Defining Activities

    4. eAM Collection Plans

    • Overview of eAM Quality
    • Creating Collection Elements
    • Creating Quality Collection Plans
    • Entering Quality Results

    5. Failure Analysis

    • Overview
    • Using Failure Analysis
    • Defining Failure Sets and Failure Codes

    6. eAM Work Management

    • Overview
    • Defining Meters and Entering Meter Readings
    • Entering Work Orders
    • Defining Resource Requirements
    • Defining Inventory Material Requirements
    • Creating Resource Transactions

    7. eAM Preventive Maintenance

    • Overview of
    • Preventive Maintenance Setup
    • Entering Preventive Maintenance Definitions
    • Generating Work Orders

    8. Asset Operation Management

    • Overview
    • Setting Up Asset Operation Management
    • Defining and Reviewing Asset Operations

    9. eAM Planning and Scheduling

    • Overview
    • Setting up Material Planning Parameters
    • Creating a Master Demand Schedule
    • Running an MRP
    • Using the Scheduler Workbench

    10. Direct Item Procurement for eAM Work Orders

    • Overview
    • Entering Requisitions for Direct Items
    • Entering Non-Stock Items
    • Creating Purchase Orders

    11. eAM Cost Management

    • Overview
    • eAM Costing Methods and Mappings
    • Viewing Cost Information
    • Performing Cost Rollups
    • Transferring Invoice Variances to Maintenance Work Orders

    12. eAM Contractor Services

    • Overview
    • Setting up Outside Service Processing

    13.eAM Property Manager

    • Overview
    • Setting up the Property Manager Integration

    14. eAM Service

    • Overview
    • Setting up eAM Service
    • Creating Maintenance Service Request Types
    • Creating Service Requests

    15. eAM Process and Discrete Manufacturing

    • Overview
    • Organization Setup
    • Associating Assets with Production Equipment
    • Generating Production Equipment Downtime

    16. eAM Project Manufacturing

    • Overview
    • Defining a Project
    • Associating a Work Order with a Project
    • Creating Requisitions or Purchase Orders
    • Updating the Commitments for a Project

    17. Work Order Billing and Capitalization

    • Overview
    • Setting up Work Order Billing
    • Creating Billable Work Orders
    • Associating Items and Activities to a Price List
    • Creating an Invoice
    • Capitalizing Work Orders

    18. eAM and Oracle Time and Labor

    • Overview
    • Setting up the Integration
    • Entering Timecard Information

    19. Self-Service Work Requests

    • Overview
    • Lifecycle of a Work Request
    • Obtaining Work Request Information
    • Creating and Updating Work Requests

    20. Maintenance Workbench

    • Overview
    • Using the Maintenance Workbench
    • Viewing Work Orders
    • Updating Resource
    • Updating Collection Plans

    21. Maintenance Super User

    • Overview
    • Overview of tabs
    • Moving Assets
    • Viewing Asset Relationships Graphically
    • Creating Construction Units
    • Creating Construction Estimates

    22. Stores

    • Stores Processes

    23. Generating eAM Reports and Processes

    • eAM Reports and Processes

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