Oracle Channel Revenue Management Online Training

Oracle Channel Revenue Management Online Training



    Oracle Channel Revenue Management Integrates with Oracle Territory Manager, Oracle Receivables, Oracle Payables, and Oracle Order Management to enable you to manage trade promotions. This guide describes how to set up accounts, trade profiles, budgets, target allocations, and offer payout dates and methods.

    Course Content

    1. Introduction to Oracle Trade Management

    • Product Overview
    • Sales Force Automation
    • Trade Promotion Management
    • Budget Management
    • Claim and Deduction Management
    • Indirect Sales Management
    • Supplier Ship and Debit Processing
    • Price Protection
    • Oracle Trade Management Integration Overview
    • Oracle Trade Management Key Features
    • Oracle Trade Management Organization Related Enhancements

    2. Business User Flows

    • Overview
    • Account Manager Dashboard Flow
    • Trade Promotion Forecasting to Execution
    • Creating an Offer-related Claim and Settling it by Check Payment
    • Deduction to Auto-Resolution for Non-Invoice Deduction
    • Top-down Bottom-up Budgeting
    • Volume Accrual

    3. Customers

    • Organization and Person
    • Customer Groups
    • Creating and Managing Segments
    • Creating and Managing List Imports
    • Importing a List
    • Handling List Import Errors
    • Viewing Organization and Person Information.
    • Partner and Partner Contact

    4. Products and Price Lists

    • Managing Products
    • Managing Price Lists

    5. Quota Allocation

    • Understanding Quota and Quota Allocation
    • Creating and Managing Quotas and Quota Allocations

    6. Account Manager Dashboard

    • Process Flow
    • Offer Evaluator and Offer Worksheet
    • Discount Calculator
    • About Promotional Lift and Baseline Calculations
    • Quota Allocation
    • Target Allocation
    • Account Planning

    7. Trade Planning and Offers

    • Trade Planning Overview
    • Process Flow
    • Offer Creation
    • Offer Forecasting
    • Offer Sourcing
    • Offer Approval
    • Offer Execution

    8. Campaigns and Programs

    • Overview of Campaigns and Programs
    • Understanding Campaigns
    • Working with Campaigns
    • Understanding Programs

    9. Budget Management

    • Budget Overview
    • Process Flow
    • Budget Creation
    • Budget Approval
    • Budget Allocation
    • Budget Utilization
    • Budget Reconciliation
    • Budget Tracking

    10. Claim and Deduction Management

    • Claims Overview
    • Process Flow
    • Claim Creation
    • Claim Assignment
    • Claim Approval
    • Claim Research
    • Claim Settlement
    • Reports

    11. Indirect Sales Management

    • About Volume Offer Integration
    • Working With Chargeback and Third Party Accrual Transactions
    • Importing a Transaction Through WebADI
    • Batch Details
    • Viewing and Updating Lines
    • Accepting Disputed Lines and Processing a Submission
    • Initiating Payment for a Transaction
    • Indirect Inventory Tracking
    • Inventory Summary
    • Special Pricing and Fund Requests
    • Using DQM Tools to Deduplicate Customer Data
    • Using Supplier Ship and Debit

    12. Common Components

    • Collaboration
    • Security and User Types
    • User Profile Overview
    • Trade Profile
    • System Parameters
    • Custom Setups, Mandatory Rules, and Locking Rules

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