Oracle BPM 11g


    Oracle BPM 11g Course Content:

    1.Oracle BPM Suite 11g Overview

    • Benefits of BPM, process modeling and the Oracle BPM Suite 11g product

    2.Introduction to Oracle BPM Studio

    • Features JDeveloper (Oracle BPM Studio)

    3.BPMN Modeling

    • Discussion of BPMN 2.0, process, roles, activities and basic process patterns BPM Elements: Activities, Events, Gateways

    4.Modeling business processes with BPM 

    5.Creating Business Process Flow

    6.Creating Business objects in Business Catalog

    7.Data Objects

        Explaining Data Objects and their scope, Declaring Process and Project Data Objects

    • Process Data Objects
    • Sub process Data Objects
    • Project Data Objects

    8.Data Associations

    9.Creating and defining

    10.Projects Defining Role and Organization Units

    11.Creating Roles and using Users from LDAP

    12.Organizing processes using Swimlanes Adding user interaction to Process Flow

    13.Controlling Process Flow

    • Defining exclusive gateways, implementing exclusive gateways, Parallel gateways, Sequence flows communicating with external processes and services viz., DB Adapter,JMS Adapter Configuration and implementations.

    14.Also Covers XPath and XSLT

    • XSLT and XPath explained and learn how to transform one type of XML document into a different type.

    15.BPMN Activities Task Types

    • Service Task
    • Send & Receive Task
    • User Task
    • Manual Task
    • Rules Task
    • Script Task
    • Call Task

    16.BPMN Gateways

    • Exclusive OR(XOR) gateway
    • Parallel (AND) gateway
    • Inclusive OR gateway
    • Complex gateway

    17.BPMN Events

    • Start Event
    • End Event
    • Catch Event
    • Error Event
    • Timer Event
    • Boundary Event


    • Process
    • Event Sub Process
    • Sub process

    19.Implementing Human Task/User Task Services

    • Overview of human tasks
    • Designing the flow
    • Different types of user tasks in BPM
    • Adding a human task to the composite
    • Wire the BPEL process to the human task
    • Task definition
    • Add task parameter and its type
    • Assignment and routing policy
    • Edit participant type
    • Calling the human task from BPEL
    • About human task patterns and explaining parameters and data association
    • Working with expression builder and its functions.

    20.Developing Business Rules

    • Overview of business rule
    • Discussing rule sets and bucketsets, about globals,creating business rules, testing business rules.
    • Business rule component to the composite
    • Add a rule template
    • Adding If and then condition
    • Working with decision table
    • Define the business rule
    • Add a list of ranges
    • Working with bucket set
    • Working with decision function

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