Oracle Bills of Material Online Training

Oracle Bills of Material Online Training



    Oracle Manufacturing and Oracle Order Management use Oracle Bills of Material to store lists of items that are associated with a parent item and information about how each item is related to its parent. Oracle Manufacturing supports standard, model, option class, and planning bills of material.


    • Ability to Navigate Oracle Applications
    • R12.1 Oracle E-Business Suite Essentials for Implementers

    Course Content

    1. Defining Items

    • Creating Manufacturing and Engineering Items
    • Using Item Templates
    • Entering and Revising Item Attributes
    • Enabling Organization Assignments
    • Searching Items
    • Viewing Item Information
    • Creating Item Catalog Groups
    • Defining Descriptive Elements

    2. Setting Up Bills of Material and Routings

    • Setting Up Workday Calendars
    • Using the Workday Calendar
    • Setting Up BOM and Routing Information
    • Defining Competencies for Resources
    • Defining Competencies for Routings
    • Defining Competencies for Standard Operations
    • Creating Alternates
    • Defining Lookups

    3. Creating Bills of Material

    • Overview of Bills of Material
    • Creating Standard Bills of Material
    • Entering Bills of Material
    • Assigning Descriptive Elements
    • Creating Reference Designators
    • Assigning Substitute Components
    • Creating Alternate Bills of Material

    4. Creating Customized Bills of Material

    • Creating Planning, Model and Option Class Bills of Material
    • Using Configure to Order Features
    • Autocreation Configuration Items
    • Deactivating Configuration Items
    • Creating Product Families
    • Assigning Members

    5. Maintaining Bills of Material

    • Revising Bills of Material and Items
    • Using Tools Menu
    • Reviewing Indented Bills of Material
    • Comparing Bills of Material
    • Using Common Bills of Material
    • Performing Mass Changes
    • Bills of Material E-Records
    • Bills of Material Business Events

    6. Create Routings

    • Creating Routings
    • Defining Operating Competencies for Performing Routing Operations
    • Calculating Lead Times
    • Computing Manufacturing Lead Time
    • Calculating Cumulative Total Lead Time

    7. Maintaining Routings

    • Revising Routings
    • Creating Standard Operations
    • Defining Operation Competencies for Standard Operations
    • Viewing Resource Usage

    8. Common Bills of Material and Routing Functionality

    • Copying Bills and Routings
    • Referencing Common Bills and Routings
    • Defining Documents
    • Defining Bill and Operation Documents
    • Deleting Information
    • Importing Bills and Routings

    9. Engineering Overview

    • Introducing Oracle Engineering

    10. Setting Up Oracle Engineering

    • Setting Up Engineering Flowchart

    11. Creating Engineering Change Orders

    • Engineering Change Orders Overview
    • Creating ECOs
    • ECO Life Cycle

    12. Maintaining Engineering Change Orders

    • Implementing ECOs
    • Viewing ECO Information
    • Running ECO Reports
    • Managing ECOs
    • Understanding Engineering Change Order Business Object Interface

    13. Transferring and Copying Engineering Items, Bills, and Routings

    • Transferring and Copying Product Information
    • Transferring Information to Manufacturing
    • Copying Information to Manufacturing

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