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Oracle BI Publisher Online Training



    Learn the Oracle BI Publisher concepts of Components, simplifying the process of Creating Parameters, statistical capabilities, list of values and Hyperlinks. Our trainers direct students to discover the skills and mainly focus on application of technology…etc.

    Course Content

    1.Oracle BI Publisher 10g R3: Fundamentals

    • Introduction To Oracle BI Publisher
    • Oracle BI Publisher: Business Document Requirements
    • Functions of Reporting Systems
    • Oracle BI Publisher Paradigm
    • End-to-End View and Salient Features of BI Publisher

    2.Oracle BI Publisher: Technology And Architecture

    • Describe the components of Oracle BI Publisher
    • Describe the architecture of Oracle BI Publisher
    • Describe the Oracle BI Publisher Underlying Technology

    3.Introduction To XML Standards

    • Describe Extensible Markup Language (XML)
    • Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) and other X Standards objects
    • List the components of an XML document
    • Create a well-formed XML document
    • Describe XML namespaces
    • Document type definition (DTD)
    • XML Schema, and XML Path Language (Xpath)
    • Describe XSL and XSL Transformations (XSLT)

    4.Getting Started With Oracle BI Publisher: Creating A Simple Report

    • Describe the sample schemas used in course practices (HR,OE, and SH)
    • Set up a database connection in BI Publisher
    • Opening and viewing a Predefined Report
    • Create a BI Publisher Report Based on Oracle Database
    • Edit the Properties of a Report
    • Upload an existing template for the report and view data
    • Export or download a BI Publisher report

    5.Creating Simple RTF Templates

    • Describe the functions and features of BI Publisher Desktop
    • Describe how to install BI Publisher Desktop
    • Create RTF templates for a sample report
    • Create and publish RTF templates for BI Publisher reports
    • Create RTF templates by using the basic
    • Insert tables, forms and charts in RTF templates
    • Preview results

    6.Advanced RTF Template Techniques

    • Use native MS Word features to format RTF templates
    • Use other advanced features

    7.Creating Parameters, List Of Values (LOVs), And Hyperlinks

    • Create a report with parameters and a list of values
    • Create a report with a hyperlink to another report

    8.Working With PDF And EText Templates

    • The Basics of PDF Templates
    • The advanced capabilities of PDF templas
    • The basics of eText templates

    9.Using Oracle BI Publisher Enterprise Administration

    • Describe BI Publisher-supported security models
    • Configure the data sources users, roles, permissions and delivery options
    • Perform other administrative tasks
    • Defining Report Repository

    10.Scheduling Reports And Analyzing Data

    • Configure Oracle BI Publisher Scheduler
    • Schedule Oracle BI Publisher Reports
    • View the saved output and history
    • Manage scheduled reports
    • Schedule reports to be burst to: a file location and email
    • Analyse data in reports

    11.Translating Reports

    • Describe the type of translations and options for translating reports by using BI Publisher
    • Create translation files by using BI Publisher Desktop
    • Create translation files by using the BI Publisher Enterprise Server

    12.Creating Reports By Defining XML Data Templates

    • Describe the BI Publisher XML data template
    • Create an XML data template
    • Associate that data template with a rich text format (RTF) template
    • View the report

    13.Integration With Oracle BI Enterprise Edition

    • Create a BI Publisher report from a Oracle BI Answers request
    • Create a BI Publisher report from the BI Server
    • Create a BI Publisher report from the BI Discoverer worksheet content
    • Add BI Publisher reports to BI Interactive Dashboards

    14.Creating Reports Based On Other Data Sources

    • Creating a BI Publisher Report Based on Web Services
    • Creating a BI Publisher Report Based on RSS Feeds
    • Creating a Report Based on a File

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