Oracle Adaptive Access Manager

Oracle Adaptive Access Manager


    Oracle Adaptive Access Manager Course Content:


    • Define four types of Internet attacks
    • Propose four solutions for Internet attacks
    • List the benefits of Oracle Adaptive Access Manager (OAAM)
    • Describe the role of Oracle Adaptive Access Manager
    • Explain how OAAM works
    • List the new features in OAAM 11gR1 PS1
    • Describe the high-level architectural and deployment topology
    • Provide a use case for OAAM’s role in Oracle Identity Management Suite integration

    2.Installation and Configuration

    • Describe prerequisites
    • List the key steps to install and configure OAAM
    • Post-install and Configure validation steps
    • Start and stop the OAAM 11g environment

    3.OAAM Customizations

    • List the different types of OAAM customizations
    • Perform key customizations: Custom CSS
    • Perform key customizations: Header and footer
    • Perform key customizations: Custom Virtual Authentication Devices (VAD)
    • Perform key customizations: User action and flows
    • Perform key customizations: Custom layout
    • Describe the key configuration files used in customizations

    4.Policies – Static, Patterns, and Predictive

    • Distinguish and describe three types of risk analyses
    • Create static policies
    • Create the artifacts – Checkpoint, Rules, Conditions, Alerts, and Actions Groups
    • What is a pattern?
    • In a pattern, what data is captured and when?
    • In a pattern, where is data stored and how is data used?
    • How to use predictive analysis
    • Provide OAAM predictive analysis use cases

    5.Native Integration

    • Integrate OAAM natively with customer application by using: In-Proc or SOAP mode
    • Native Integration by Using .NET SDK
    • In-Proc Versus SOAP Mode
    • In-Proc Native Integration in OAAM 11g
    • Use sample application to perform a code walk through on Java APIs implementation


    • Understand Entities, Data Elements and Transaction data
    • Defining and Using Transaction Definition
    • Mapping Entities to the Source Data
    • Mapping Transaction Data to the Source Data
    • Performing Transaction Fraud Analysis

    7.Reporting and Auditing

    • Install and configure BI Publisher Reports
    • View out-of-the-box reports
    • Setup configuration
    • Creating custom reports
    • Learn OAAM audit framework
    • Understand audit events, reports, and data
    • Use BI Publisher to run audit reports

    8.Monitoring and Diagnostics

    • Identify tips on troubleshooting OAAM 11g environment
    • Monitor the key metrics by using FMW EM Control
    • View and configure logging
    • Use the OAAM Dashboard

    9.OAAM Offline and Job Scheduler

    • Explain job types
    • Explain how to schedule jobs
    • Describe job management
    • Explain the OAAM offline server Use Cases

    10.OAAM – OAM Integration

    • List different types of integration options
    • Explain OAM-OAAM TAP integration use case
    • Explain risk-based challenge by using KBA
    • Explain step-up authentication by using OTP

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