Oracle BI Applications

Oracle BI Applications



    Course duration : 15-20 hours  Version:


    1.     Oracle BI Applications Architecture

    • Oracle BI Applications components overview
    • Oracle BI Applications architecture overview
    • Oracle BI Applications product lifecycle overview

    2.     Installing Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

    • Preinstallation and deployment requirements
    • Installing Oracle BI Applications prerequisites
    • Installing Oracle BI Applications
    • Performing post-installation system set up tasks

     3.    Understanding the ETL Process

    • ETL phases and processing overview
    • Using ODI Studio to explore prebuilt ETL metadata
    • Full ETL and incremental ETL
    • Change capture
    • ETL versus ELTFunctional Configuration for Oracle BI Applications

    4.     Administering and maintaining data load parameters Functional Configuration for Oracle BI Applications

    • Functional configuration overview
    • Terminology related to Oracle BI Applications configuration
    • Configuration Manager overview
    • Functional Setup Manager overview
    • Creating an implementation project
    • Assigning configuration tasks to developers

    5.     Administering and Maintaining Functional Configuration Data

    • Functional configuration data overview
    • Administering
    • Administering and maintaining reporting parameters

    6.     Managing Load Plans

    • Defining, generating, executing, and monitoring load plans
    • Troubleshooting and restarting load plans
    • Managing load plan parameters

    7.     Customizing the Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse

    • Customization types and scenarios overview
    • Overview of category1 and category 2 customizations
    • Impact of patches on customizations
    • Applying an update strategy

    8.     Building a Category 1 Customization

    • Adding columns to existing tables in the OBAW
    • Creating custom ETL mappings for a category 1 customization
    • Enabling versioning for a category 1 customization
    • Generating DDL scripts for a category 1 customization
    • Creating and executing a load plan for a category 1 customization

    9.     Building a Category 2 Customization

    • Adding a new dimension table to the OBAW
    • Creating custom ETL mappings for a category 2 customization
    • Enabling versioning for a category 2 customization
    • Generating DDL scripts for a category 2 customization
    • Creating and executing a load plan for a category 2 customization

    10.     Oracle BI Applications Security

    • Tools used to manage Oracle BI Applications security
    • Oracle BI Applications security levels
    • Exploring default security settings for Oracle BI Applications
    • Exploring ODI security

    Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Online Training

    Total Number of Hours: 20-25Hrs  Version:7964

    1.   Oracle BI Apps Overview

    • What is BI and why organizations need BI
    • BI Architecture
    • Oracle BI Apps Functional Architecture
    • Oracle BI Apps Technical Architecture
    • Analytics supported By BI Apps
    • Overview of Components Involved in BI Apps
    • ETL Architecture
    • Data Extracting and Loading Process
    • OBIA Security Integration

    2.  Oracle BI Apps Installation and Configuration

    • BI Apps Implementation Methodology
    • Pre Requisites (Software and Hardware)
    • Installation Overview(Methodology)
    • Meta Data Configurations
      • OBIEE
      • Informatica
    •  Global Configurations of BI Apps

    3.  Human Resource Analytics

    • Human Resource Analytics specific Configuration
    • Physical Data Model Overview
    • Logical Data Model Overview
    • Configuration points

    4.  Supply Chain Management

    • Supply Chain Management Analytics specific Configuration
    • Physical Data Model Overview
    • Logical Data Model Overview
    • Configuration points

    5.  Financials

    • Financials Specific configuration
    • Physical Data Model Overview
    • Logical Data Model Overview
    • Configuration points

     6.  Naming Standards

    • ETL Naming Standards
    • OBIEE Naming Standards

    7.   Load Strategies

    • Full Load
    • Incremental Loads

    8.    Delete process

    9.    Slowly Chaining Dimensions

    10.   Customization Best Practices

    • Customization Best Practices with real time examples
    • Upgrade Strategies
    • Customization Example
    • Trouble Shooting

    11.     BI APPS Security Implementation

    • Overview on DAC (Data warehouse Administration Console)
    • Architecture
    • Overview on DAC Client
    • Integrating Informatica with DAC
    • Integrating Databases(Physical Data Sources) with DAC
    • Creating Oracle Business Analytics warehouse for BI Apps
    • Source System Containers
    • Development process in DAC
      • Physical Folder
      • Logical Folder
      • Source System Folders
      • Task Phases
      • Subject Areas
      • Execution Plan
      • Task Groups
      • Configuration Tags
    • Source System Parameters and Task Level Parameters
    • Manage the Execution Sequence
    • Scheduling and Email Configurations
    • Managing the Target Table
    • Managing the Index on tables through DAC
    • Managing the Incremental and Full load based on the Refresh Dates.
    • Monitoring of execution Plans
    • Import/export of DAC Metadata
    • Handling ETL Failures with DAC
    • Navigating the  DAC Interface and looking into all options

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