Oracle Applications Framework, addressed as OA Framework or OAF, is a Model-View-Controller (MVC) technology stack that is used to create 3-tier web-based applications. OAF is fully  oriented towards E-BS application development. Applications built using OAF are user friendly Self-service applications.
    The greatest advantage of using applications built on OAF is that, it reduces maintenance
    cost by allowing user to perform simple customizations, personalization and custom-application

    Development – OAF Course Content: 

    1.Course Details

    • OA Framework MVC Architecture
    • Setup of Jdeveloper with OAF Extension
    • Overview of JDeveloper
    • Build Hello World and Sample login page

    2.Overview of OA Framework files

    • OA Framework Page Basics
    • OA Framework Coding Standards
    • Simple Search Page
    • Example on 1 Real-time Search page
    • Covers CO,VO,AM,EO,VL,AO
    • Simple Create page Example
    • Real-time Example on Create page
    • One assignment on Create page.
    • List of Values(LOV)
    • Poplist,Radio buttons, check box and coding examples on dependent lov’s
    • Demo how to develop sample update Page
    • Example on real time update page.
    • OAF Deployment Basics & Scripts
    • Overview of MDS and JDR tables
    • Demo of How to develop Sample Delete Page
    • Example on one real time page.
    • Error Handling and Debugging Exercise
    • Demo of Page Content Layout
    • Different type of Regions
    • Tokens & URL Parameters
    • Side Nav Search

    3.Quick Links

    • Demo of Advanced Topics like Partial Page Rendering(PPR), SPEL bound Syntax,
    • Dynamic Content, Bound Values, Context Info, Hide/Show etc…

    4.How to call Standard PL/SQL package, functions and SQL statements

    • Development Demo of Classic & Advanced Tables
    • Using Bound values with Tables
    • Calling Standard Forms from OAF pages.
    • Debugging Steps.

    5.Advanced OAF Training: Personalization & Extensions

    •  Introduction to Personalization’s
    • Demo of Personalization
    • Export Personalization’s
    • Import of Personalization’s

    6.Overview of JDR APIs (to inspect MDS)

    • OAF Extensions
    • Extend Entity, View , Application Module & Controller objects
    • Embed a Custom OAF region into OAF page
    • Examples on Controller extensions in PO module and I procurement flow.
    • OAF Extensions
    • Creating Reusable regions
    • Embed a Custom OAF region into OAF page
    • How to customize standard oaf page code
    • iProcurement Module Flow.
    • Real Time Example of VO, CO and AM Extension in PO module.
    • How to develop Self Secured Page one Real time Example will be discussed in PO module.
    • How to Customize Standard Self secured pages (Example pages will be discussed in
    • iProcurement or PO module
    • How to Implement Train Region.
    • Implementing all the examples in one Custom page and Deploy in Apps server.

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