Netezza Development Online Training

Netezza Development Online Training


    Pre requisites:

    • Basic Operating system knowledge and Unix/Linux commands exposure
    • Basic knowledge on SQL statements and RDBMS concepts
    • Developer experience on any OLTP/OLAP environments is an added advantage

    Lab setup:

    • Windows 7/8 64 bit machine that supports Virtualization
    • 6GB+ RAM; 100GB+ hard disk
    • VMWARE 10 or above
    • Netezza Emulator 7.x

    Training Material:

    • Class PPT’s (Soft copy)
    • Netezza 7.x PDF’s (Soft copy)
    • Netezza Emulator setup softwares

    Course Outline:

    • NPS AMPP Architecture (1 hour)
    • NPS High availability architecture (Clustering, mirroring, failover) (1 hour)
    • Netezza Emulator Setup (2 hours)
    • Installations: Drivers, Aginity, NZADMIN (2 hours)
    • Netezza SQL (NZSQL) & backslash commands (2 hours)
    • Creation of database objects such as databases, tables, etc (2 hour)
    • Data distribution & best practices (Random, Hash) (2 hour)
    • Data Loading and Unloading (CLI, GUI) (3 hours)
    • Analyzing Optimizer & Query plans (1 hour)
    • Statistics, Zonemaps, CBT (1 hour)
    • Table Skew, Groom table (1 hour)
    • Views, System Views, Materialized Views (1 hour)
    • Functions, SQL Extensions, Joins, Subqueries (1 hour)
    • Stored procedures, SQL Analytical Functions (2 hours)
    • Performance Tuning Best Practices (1 hours)
    • Netezza CLI commands (1 hours)
    • Netezza 7.1 & 7.2 features

    Contents (Day1 – 8 hours):

    • About Netezza
    • Netezza AMPP Architecture
    • Netezza Architecture fundamental principles
    • Netezza components terminology: FPGA Core, CPU Core, Disk, Host, S-Blade, SPU, SPA, Disk Enclosure
    • Various Netezza appliance models in the market
    • Various other Datawarehouse appliances in the market
    • Netezza Host Filesystems (/nz, /export/home, /nzscratch)
    • Host, S-blade, disk High availability
    • Netezza Emulator Installation
    • Netezza drivers, Aginity Workbench Installation
    • Standard Log Files (Netezza, Linux)
    • Introduction to Netezza Command Line Interface (CLI)
    • Netezza CLI options
    • Finding Netezza system status (NZSTATE)
    • Netezza SQL Introduction
    • Netezza Environment Variables
    • NZSQL command line options
    • NZSQL Internal slash commands
    • Netezza SQL Commands
    • Lab: Emulator installation, NZSQL Internal slash commands, Netezza SQL Commands

    Contents (Day2 – 8 hours):

    • Create Databases and Tables, Table, Synonym, Sequence
    • Create View, Materialized views,
    • Create users, groups
    • Create Synonyms, Sequences
    • System tables, views, privileges (object, administrative)
    • SQL Identifiers, Netezza Data types, Internal Data types
    • Data Distribution (Hash, Random)
    • Data Distribution: Collocated Joins
    • Data Distribution: Single/Double Redistribution, Broadcasting
    • Multi Column Distribution
    • Data Distribution: Best Practices
    • Data Loading/Unloading using External Tables
    • Data Loading/Unloading using Compressed External Tables
    • Table backup using CTAS
    • Data Loading using NZLOAD
    • Data Loading using NZLOAD fixed format
    • Lab: Database objects creation, Data Loading/unloading (both CLI & GUI)

    Contents (Day3 – 8 hours):

    • Analyzing optimizer plans
    • Extents & Zonemaps
    • Clustered Base Tables (CBT)
    • Groom table
    • Skew Table
    • Transactions
    • Statistics(Database, Table, Column, System)
    • NZ* commands
    • Netezza Appliance models
    • Netezza System logs
    • Table constraints
    • Netezza Joins, Sub queries
    • Netezza Stored procedures
    • Netezza Functions
    • SQL Analytics Functions
    • Performance Tuning best practices
    • Certification Preparation questions
    • Netezza 7.1 features
    • Netezza 7.2 features
    • Lab: Groom Table, Skew Table, Stored procedures, Analytics Functions

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