Microsoft Dynamics NAV Online Training

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Online Training


    Microsoft Dynamics NAV Online Training


    Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers developing small and fair size business an intense yet worthwhile key that can be customized to an organization. It can backing customization and service oriented software to meet industry or other particular needs. Likewise, it can adjust as a developing business needs more power and usefulness.

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV Training is the most important internal part of the respective Dynamics so it will be comfortable to complete the major task in easy manner. This type of the software is commonly made use to offer the assistance for the management, CRM, supply chain, commerce thing, analytics for the both small and large scale company. Though, this course has valuable things which play major roll. As result most of the student wishes to built the career for the upcoming life. To learn this course is very simple for the student as per for the people who are working but looking to learn the course. Therefore this training center provides the course via trough the online as well as offline so it assists the candidate to go with anyone of choice to learn the course. we provide an instructor drove course in the classroom, where you find out about Microsoft Dynamics NAV from an expert in an convertible climate. Guidance in a classroom environment gives you the chance to share thoughts with other programming clients and learn nearby your associates, who face the same day by day challenges. Moreover, you are expelled from everyday diversions in the classroom so you can center your vitality and fixation on learning.

    Our mentors are qualified Microsoft Dynamics NAV experts with critical deals and execution experience. These outcomes in a rich and compensating learning background that gives an in-depth information, as well as gives members intuition of knowledge into a genuine summary.

    Course Content:

    1.Installation & Configuration

    •  Installing Navision Database
    •  SQL Server Option for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
    •  Backup & Restore
    1. Development I – C/SIDE 
    •  Basic Tables
    •  Basic Forms
    •  Introduction to C/AL Programming
    •  Intrinsic Data Types
    •  Identifiers & Variables
    •  Assignment Statement
    •  Simple Expressions, Terms and Operators
    •  Numeric Expressions
    •  Logical & Relational Expressions
    •  The IF & EXIT Statements
    •  Compound Statements & Comments
    •  Arrays
    •  Repetitive Statements
    •  Other Statements
    •  Functions
    •  Using Intrinsic C/AL Functions
    •  Creating your own Functions
    •  Reports
    •  Dataports
    •  Code units
    •  Menu suites
    •  Using ODBC
    •  Using C/FRONT
    •  Automation Server
    •  Implementation Methodology
    1. – Development II – C/SIDE Solution
    •  Business Case Diagnosis & Analysis
    •  Managing Master Files
    •  Managing Registrations
    •  Managing Posting
    •  Managing Integration
    •  Managing Reporting
    •  Managing Statistics
    •  Managing Dimensions
    •  Managing Interfaces
    •  Deployment


    •  Create User interface include Address Bar, Search, Navigation Pane, Status Bar and Role Center.
    •  User Personalization and customize Fact Box, Fact Tab, Ribbon, Chart and Pages.
    •  Basic Functionalities such as sort, search, Filters, Print Documents.
    •  Sales and Purchase Process for Master Data
    •  Sales and Purchase Process

    Course Highlights:

    The main highlight of the course will very simple to learn and the duration of the course is 30 days and timing will be1 to 1:30 hrs per day so it will be more comfortable. This course can provide the practical skill in the current field so the student can learn new things without meeting any trouble on it. For the students, this course has necessary timing to choose as per their need and preference. This NAV training course has to deals finance and other commerce problems to choose as your need. Therefore, you must select this course to study about the finance and other marketing strategies with simple manner. So, you need to get variety of skills to learn in different strategies as per the course norms.


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