MapReduce Online Training

MapReduce Online Training



    Keen Technologies MapReduce Training helps you to learn implementation for processing and generating large data sets with a parallel, distributed algorithm on a cluster. The framework takes care of scheduling tasks, monitoring them and re-executing any failed tasks.

    Course Content

    1. Basic Concept Of OOPS

    • Object
    • Class
    • Attributes
    • Inheritance
    • Aspects of Java

    2. Creation Of Project, Class, Package

    • Java-Eclipse.
    • How to Create New Java project
    • How to create New Java Class
    • Hello World program
    • How to run this program
    • Types of integer
    • Class creation & name given
    • Create object
    • Creation of package

    3. What Is Java Inheritance

    • Sub-class & super Class
    • Map-Reducing in Inheritance

    4. What Is Overloading & Overriding

    • What is the method of overloading
    • overloading modify
    • Difference between overloading & overriding
    • Method of overriding

    5. Abstraction Concepts

    • Basic concept of abstract
    • Abstract class demo
    • Class extends
    • Difference between Abstract & concrete class
    • Implementation of abstract class in Java
    • Difference between JRE & JBM

    6. Mapreduce Programming

    • Word count example
    • Exception
    • Tool runner
    • Mapper
    • Map method
    • Sum reducer

    7. What Is Map Phase?

    • Introduction and characteristics of big data
    • Introduction of Hadoop and its work
    • What is HDFS and its explanation with example
    • Introduction to Map Reduce?
    • What is Map Phase?
    • What is Reduce Phase?

    8. Hadoop Ecosystem

    • Introduction to Hadoop ecosystem
    • How Hadoop solve problems of typical distributed system
    • What is Sqoop and its working
    • What is Qozie and its working
    • What is Pig and its working
    • What is Flume and its working
    • What is Hive and its working
    • HDFS Storage Mechanism
    • How files are Stored / Read / Written in HDFS
    • Understanding Demons

    9. Hadoop Installation

    • Hadoop installation
    • Introduction to Mapreduce and HDFS

    10. How To Develop Mapreduce Application

    • MapReduce job Execution
    • MapReduce Combiner
    • MapreducePartitioner
    • Shuffle & Sort Phase
    • Map Reduce in detail
    • Comparison b/w YARN and MRV1
    • Cloudera Developer Certification Overview
    • Hands on Exercises on Map Reduce
    • Introduction to Mapper, Box classes and Reducer
    • Input Formats and Output Formats
    • How to filter File Inputs
    • How to work on amazon cluster

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