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    Magento is the versatile and great flexible software that assists merchants to sale their merchandise online. In real application, magneto has plenty of utility feature enabled open e-commerce platform for offering assistance to retailers with design, content management, and unique facilities to promote online shopping process.  Students want to pursue their career is web development and professionals already working in web development related domain may consider pursuing magento  training for their career development.
    Overview of the course magento training:

    Model view controller which is also rendered as MVC and this is a software architectural pattern used in software engineering.The pattern isolates domain logic (the application logic for the user) from the user interface (input and presentation), permitting independent development, testing and maintenance of each (separation of concerns)

    MVC Pros and cons:

    • modular
    • flexible
    • standard structure
    • compartmentalized
    • better maintenance
    • easy migration
    • reusable model code


    • performance degradation
    • requires lots of files
    • solves problems that may not occur
    • 3 layer not always enough


    The views renders the model into a from suitable for the user interface elements. Multiple views can exist for a single model for the different purposes.

    View model (aka Block):

    • View model is a model of the view meaning it is an abstraction of the view that serves in data binding between the view and the model
    • magento is a model-view-controller (MVC) application with a configuration-based representation level
    • The layout of xml is designed and thew block template.

    The flow of the MVC Controller:

    • The controller gets the request from user the views actually grab the model is responsible for representing the thing in the system
    • and the model manages the behavior and the data of the application domain
    • Responds to request for the information about its state
    • Responds to instructions or to change state.
    • view renders the model into a from suitable for interaction


    • Why Magento
    • Features of Magento
    • Brief Introduction to PHP, MySQL, ZEND
    • System Requirements
    • Magento Installation and Configuration
    • Manage Products and Categories
    • Product Types
    • Manage Catalog
    • Manage Customers
    • Promotions and Rules
    • Advanced Promotions, Marketing and Trading Tools
    • Order Management
    • Reports
    • CMS Administration
    • Magento System Configuration
    • Newsletters
    • Modules Management
    • Themes Management
    • Understanding Magento
    • Magento Architecture
    • Magento Page Flow
    • ZEND Architecture
    • Database Model
    • Magento Modules
    • Overriding existing modules
    • Overriding Controllers
    • Overriding Model
    • Overriding Views
    • Create Forms
    • Theming
    • Analyzing Magento theme
    • Creating Magento Theme
    • Overriding Existing Magento Themes

    Magento Training Goals:

    • Understanding the magento architecture and modules
    • efficiently and effectively customize and extend magento
    • Enable the best upgrade path to new version

    The Entire course focus on different modes such as:

    • Core
    • admi
    • enterprise
    • catalog
    • sales
    • other

    Features of Magento General Feature List:

    • Marketing Promotions and conversion Tools
    • Serch Engine Optimization(SEO) Friendly
    • Contols over the Site Management
    • Catalog Management
    • Catalog Browsing
    • Product Browsing
    • Checkout Payment anD Shiping Easily
    • Order Management with all the Edit and view options
    • Customer accounts
    • International Support
    • Customer services
    • Analytics and reporting
    • Mobile commerce friendly
    • mobile Html5 pre integrated
    • responsive design
    • native design application

    Magento Training Enterprise Exclusive features are:

    • Customer segmentation with targeted promotion and merchandising
    • Dynamic rules based product relations
    • Persistent shopping
    • automated email marketing reminder
    • Private sales
    • Gift Registry
    • Gifting Options
    • Reward points
    • Store Credits
    • Multiple wish Lists
    • Add to cart by SKU
    • Return Management Authorization
    • Content Management systems
    • Scheduled Import /Export Functionality
    • Backup And Rollback
    • Staging merging and rollback of the content
    • Customer Attribute Management
    • Administrator Permission roles on website and store levels
    • Price and promotion permission
    • Logging of Administrators Actions
    • Category view and purchase permissions per customer Group
    • Order Archiving
    • Solar search
    • full page Caching
    • optimized indexing
    • Configuring order tracking widget
    • support for alternative media storage
    • Payment bridges
    • strong data encryption, hashing and key management


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