Load Runner Online Training

Load Runner Online Training



    Loadrunner is a tool used to perform load tests to check whether the application handles the load at the time of peak periods. It contains various components like Virtual user generator, controller and the agent process, loadrunner analysis and monitoring. Virtual user generator is the most useful component to record a script and develop user scripts for various applications.

    Load Runner Course Content:

    1.Planning an Effective Load Test

    2.Load Runner Installation

    • LR Architecture
    • Components in Load Runner
    • Virtual User Generator
    • Load Controller
    • Analysis
    • Load Generator
    • Agent Process
    • Where to Install LR Components
    • Identify H/w & S/w

    3.Virtual User Generator

    • Recording script for web
    • Recording levels
    • URL/HTML
    • Enhancing script
    • Replay & Play back
    • Script functions
    • Protocal Specific functions
    • General LR functions
    • Transactions
    • Purpose of Transactions
    • Transactions after Recording
    • Actions
    • Multiple Actions
    • Debugging
    • Check Points
    • Parameterization
    • Playback problems
    • Correlation
    • Auto & Automatic
    • Manual
    • Run Time settings


    • Creating Scenarios
    • Manual Scenarios
    • Goal Oriented scenario
    • Schedule by scenario
    • Schedule by group
    • Executing scenario
    • Adding Local Generator
    • Local Host
    • Remote Host
    • RunTime Settings in Controller
    • Configuring scenario
    • Ramp-up
    • Vuser exceution status
    • Rendezvous polices
    • Performance metrics
    • Client side
    • Server side
    • Performance monitors
    • Add Measurements


    • Analysis Results
    • Granularity
    • Merging
    • Auto Collate
    • Filters
    • Finding Bottlenecks
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Graph Analysis
    • Generating Reports

    6.Performance Testing

    7.Performance Engineering Approach

    • What is Performance
    • Objectives
    • Scope

    8.Performance Myths

    9.Performance Engineering Model

    • System Sizing–> Modeling Review& Engineering Desgin–>Code
    • Optimization–> Performance Testing & Tunning –> Monitoring & Desgin Performance

    10.Architecture & Desgin Performance

    11.Code Optimization examples

    12.Tunning Examples

    13.Performance Profiling

    14.Performance Testing process

    15.Performance Testing Planning

    • Types of test
    • Work Load characterizations
    • Data population
    • Test Targets
    • Schedule Estimations
    • Test Plan Design

    16.Performance test Scenarios

    17.Business Call flows

    18.Types of performance tests

    19.Performance Measurements

    20.Performance Monitoring

    21.Benchmark Parameter


    •  Web Servers, Application Severs, DataBase Servers

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