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    Liferay Portal is developed using an open source methodology, by people from around the world. Liferay provides multiple touch-points to deliver consistent digital experiences. It has the adaptability to offer various solutions for Intranet, websites, portals, etc. . This is the reason it is considered one of the best platforms to build an intranet portal for businesses

    Course Content


    • Introduction to Liferay’s Plugins SDK
    • Installing Liferay Developer Studio
    • Setting Up the Space Program
    • Reviewing Liferay Concepts

    2.Developing Portlet Plugins

    • Introduction to Java Standard Portlets
    • How Portlets Differ from Servlets
    • The Java Portlet Specification
    • The Portlet Lifecycle
    • Phases of the Portlet Lifecycle
    • Portlet Characteristics
    • Java Standard Portlet Exercise
    • Portlet Preferences
    • Inter-Portlet Communication
    • Methods of Inter-Portlet Communication
    • Public Render Parameters
    • Events
    • Portlets and Web Application Frameworks

    3.Parts Inventory Portlet Application

    • Design Approach
    • Setting up the Data Model for Service Builder
    • Generating the Service and Persistence Layer
    • Leveraging the Liferay MVC Portlet Framework
    • Displaying Data using Liferay’s Search Container
    • Localization, Feedback and Input Validation
    • Integrating Liferay Permissions
    • Adding Custom Portlets to the Control Pane

    4.Liferay Look and Feel

    • Application Display Templates
    • Liferay Theme and Layout Template Overview
    • Advanced Theme, Layout Topics, and Best Practices

    5.Hook Plugins

    • Adding a Post Login Action
    • Adding a Startup Action
    • Customizing Language Keys
    • Customizing Core Liferay JSPs
    • Extending Liferay’s Services using Service Wrappers
    • Adding a Servlet Filter to Liferay
    • Customizing Liferay’s Struts Actions

    6.Ext Plugins

    • Ext Plugin Overview
    • Portal Properties Ext Plugin
    • Portlet Preferences Ext Plugin
    • Ext Plugin Best Practices

    7.Liferay Marketplace

    • Introduction to Liferay’s Marketplace
    • Liferay Plugin Security

    8.Advanced Topics

    • Web Services in Liferay
    • Spring in Liferay
    • Development Strategy


    • AlloyUI Overview
    • Widgets
    • Events and Ajax
    • Best Practices

    10.Social Collaboration with Liferay

    • Introduction to Liferay’s Social API
    • Social Relationships
    • Social Activities
    • Introduction to Liferay’s Collaboration API
    • Enabling Assets in a Custom Application
    • Adding Support for Workflows in a Custom Application
    • Tags and Categories
    • Discussions and Ratings

    11.Advanced Service Builder

    • Setting Up Remote Services
    • Accessing External Databases with Service Builder
    • Custom SQL Finders
    • Custom SQL Joins
    • Dynamic Query

    12.Liferay APIs

    • Sending Synchronous and Asynchronous Messages with the Message Bus
    • Creating Scheduled Jobs
    • Indexing and Search APIs
    • Setting up Friendly URLs to Individual Assets
    • Importing and Exporting Data for Custom Portlets
    • Search Engine Optimization with Liferay

    13.Rapid Application Development with Liferay CMS

    • Overview of RAD in Liferay’s CMS
    • Using Structures to Guide User Input
    • Velocity Templates
    • Accessing Liferay’s Services in a Custom Template
    • Using Custom Fields to Model Data
    • Custom Velocity Variables
    • Integrating AlloyUI Into a Custom Application

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