LDAP Online Training

LDAP Online Training



    LDAP Online Training Course Content

    LDAP – Overview
    • A brief History of LDAP
    • LDAP Overview
    • LDAP vs. Database
    • LDAP Usage Summary
    • LDAP Data (Object) Model
    • Object Tree Structure
    • Attributes
    • Object Classes
    • Describing the Tree and Adding Data
    • Navigating the Tree (DNs and RDNs)
    • LDAP Replication and Referrals
    • Referrals
    • Replication

    LDAP Schemas, Object Classes and Attributes
    • LDAP Stuff Overview
    • Schemas
    • Object Classes
    • Attributes
    • Matching Rules
    • LDAP Operational Attributes and Objects

    Get Something Running
    • LDAP Installation
    • LDAP Installation
    • Open LDAP on UNIX and Windows
    • Apache DS on UNIX and Windows

    Open LDAP Sample Configurations
    • Simple Directory
    • Designing the DIT
    • Select the STRUCTURAL object Class
    • Slapd.conf File
    • LDIF File
    • Loading the LDIF
    • Adding New Entries using LDIF
    • Modifying Entries using LDIF
    • Just Fooling Around
    • Securing the Directory
    • Security Policy
    • Adding Groups
    • ACL slapd.conf Access Definitions
    • Testing the ACL

    Expanded Hierarchy
    • Requirement
    • Implementation
    • LDIF
    • ACL slapd.conf Access Definitions
    • Testing the ACL
    • Creating & Adding Objects
    • Requirement
    • Implementation
    • Attribute Definitions
    • Object Class & Schema Definition
    • ACL slapd.conf Access Definitions
    • LDIF
    • Testing the Changes
    • Single Sign On
    • Referral and Replication

    Configuration Files
    • Slapd.conf Overview
    • Using OLC (cn=config)

    OLC (cn=config) Overview
    • Converting from slapd.conf to OLC (cn=config)
    • OLC (cn=config) Layout
    • Using OLC (cn=config) (Read, Modify)
    • OLC (cn=config) General Notes
    • Add/Delete Schemas using OLC (cn=config)
    • Add/Delete ACPs/ACLs using OLC (cn=config)
    • Add/Delete Modules using OLC (cn=config)
    • Add/Delete Databases using OLC (cn=config)
    • List of Directives (OLC (cn=config) and slapd.conf)
    • Global Section Directives (OLC (cn=config) and slapd.conf)
    • TLS Directives (OLC (cn=config) and slapd.conf)
    • Backend Section Directives (OLC (cn=config) and slapd.conf)
    • Database Section Directives (OLC (cn=config) and slapd.conf)
    • Overlay Directives (OLC (cn=config) and slapd.conf)
    • ldap.conf Directives
    • Apache DS Configuration

    Replication and Referrals
    • Replication and Referral Overview
    • Replication
    • Open LDAP Replication
    • Open LDAP slurpd Style Replication
    • Open LDAP slurpd Replication Errors
    • Open LDAP sysncrepl Style Replication
    • Open LDAP sysncrepl Refresh Only
    • Open LDAP sysncrepl Refresh and Persist
    • Open LDAP sysncrepl Multi-Master
    • Open LDAP sysncrepl Access Logs and Delta-sync
    • ApacheDS Replication
    • Synching DIT before surpd Replication
    • Synching DIT before syncrepl Replication
    • Referrals
    • Referral Chaining


    LDIF and DSML
    • LDIF Overview
    • LDIF Format & Directives
    • LDIF File Format
    • LDIF Terminology and Line Types
    • LDIF Sample
    • LDIF Directives
    • add Directive
    • attribute name Directives
    • change type Directives
    • control Directives
    • delete Directives
    • delete oldrdn Directives
    • dn Directives
    • newrdn Directives
    • newsuperior Directives
    • objectclass Directives
    • Replaces Directives
    • Version Directives
    • LDIF Handling Binary (including Passwords)
    • LDIF Importing Files
    • LDIF Samples
    • DSML

    LDAP Functional Model
    • LDAP URL


    Open LDAP Operations
    • Open LDAP How Tos
    • Configuring Multiple DITs in Open LDAP
    • Configuring Referrals in Open LDAP
    • Configuring Referral chaining in Open LDAP
    • Configuring slurpd style replication in Open LDAP
    • Configuring syncrepl style replication in Open LDAP
    • Configuring delta synchronization (syncrepl) in Open LDAP
    • Configuring and using cn=config in Open LDAP
    • Notes about running/initializing Open LDAP
    • Notes about overlays in Open LDAP (or when is an overlay an overlay)
    • Open LDAP converting to OLC (cn=config)
    • Using OLC (cn=config)
    • Configuring Groups of Users in Open LDAP

    Open LDAP Trouble Shooting & Errors
    Open LDAP Performance

    LDAP Tools
    • Open LDAP Tools
    • ldapadd – add LDIF entries to an LDAP directory
    • ldapauth – add LDIF entries to an LDAP directory
    • ldapdelete – delete LDAP entries
    • ldapmodify – modify existing LDAP entries
    • ldapmodrdn – modify an LDAP entry’s DN
    • ldappasswd – modify an entry’s password
    • ldapsearch – search LDAP entries
    • ldapwhoami – perform an LDAP Who Am I operation of a server
    • slapacl – verify access to attributes by inspecting the configuration of a DIT
    • slapadd – add LDAP entries to a database – STOP SLAPD FIRST
    • slapauth – verify SASL data against a DIT
    • slapcat – export an LDIF from an LDAP database – STOP SLAPD FIRST
    • slapdn – verify a DN against a DIT configuration
    • Slapindex – re-index an LDAP database – STOP SLAPD FIRST
    • Slappasswd – generate password
    • Slaptest – verify a slapd.conf file or a cn=config directory (slapd.d)

    LDAP Browsers
    • LDAP Browser/Editor – some notes on usage

    Apache DS Tools
    • Apache DS Tools – tools and Utilities

    LDAP Security
    • Open LDAP Security Overview
    • Open LDAP TLS/SSL Configured

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