JAVA J2ME Online Training

JAVA J2ME Online Training



    J2ME has become a popular option for creating games for cell phones, as they can be emulated on a PC during the development stage and easily uploaded to the phone. This contrasts with the difficulty of developing, testing, and loading games for other special gaming platforms such as those made by Nintendo, Sony, and others, as expensive system-specific hardware and kits are required. Java Platform, Micro Edition, or Java ME, is a Java platform designed for embedded systems (mobile devices are one kind of such systems). Target devices range from industrial controls to mobile phones (especially feature phones) and set-top boxes. Java ME was formerly known as Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME).


    • All attendees should have a basic knowledge of Object orientation.

    Course Content

    1.Java language

    • Java Virtual Machine and byte code
    • Classes, source, and compilers
    • Class files, loaders and compilers
    • Object orientation
    • Classes and instances
    • Object Oriented techniques
    • Classes and Objects
    • Abstract classes
    • Interfaces
    • Polymorphism
    • Dynamic dispatch
    • Error handling
    • Using inner classes

    2.Standard libraries

    • Storing data in Java
    • Collections
    • Hash table and Hash Map
    • Vector and List
    • Collections in Java 2
    • I/O Programming
    • GUI Programming
    • AWT
    • Swing

    3. J2ME specifics

    4. J2ME components

    • KVM
    • CLDC
    • MIDP

    5. Personal Java

    • Overview of profile system Architecture
    • J2ME language differences

    6. Developing Midlets

    • Testing code
    • Comparison of different ME platforms
    • Differences between J2ME environments

    7. MIDP 2.0

    • Mobile information device profile
    • Creating MIDP applications
    • Midlet suites
    • Midlet deployment

    8. MIDP 2.0 GUI

    • Graphical User Interfaces with MIDP
    • Displays, Commands, Pointers, Screens
    • Animations and drawing

    9. Threading and Synchronization

    • Threading
    • Creating Threads in Java
    • Synchronization

    10. J2ME Capabilities

    • Streamed IO
    • Socket IO (TCP/IP)
    • J2ME IO
    • Networking with HTTP
    • Persisting data on portable devices – JSR 75

    11. Connectivity

    • SMS
    • Bluetooth
    • IrDA – Infrared Data Adapter
    • Networking
    • Push Registry

    12. APIs

    • MMAPI – JSR 135
    • SIPAPI – JSR 180
    • Game API

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