iPhone Development Online Training

iPhone Development Online Training


    iPhone Development Course Content :

    1. The i Phone Software Development Kit (SDK)

    • The Software Development Kit (SDK)
    • Objective-C
    • Frame works
    • Cocoa Touch
    • Foundation Framework
    • The i Phone Frameworks

    2. Objective-C

    • Objective-C Classes and Objects
    • The @interface and @implementation Compiler Directives
    • Method Declaration and Definition
    • Nested Arguments
    • Class and Instance Methods
    • The alloc and init Methods
    • Managing Memory Using Retain and Release
    • Properties, Retain, Assign, Copy
    • Multi-Argument Messages
    • Understanding the id Variable type
    • Categories & Protocols

    3. UIApplication and UIApplicationDelegate

    • Adding a UI View and UI View Controller to a UI Application Delegate
    • Connecting UI Window, UI Application, UI Application Delegate
    • Try This: Exploring MainWindow.xib
    • UI Application and UI Application Delegate
    • The main.m file
    • Handling Application Life Cycle Events

    4. UIView and UIViewController

    • The UI View Class
    • The UI View Controller Class
    • View-based Application Template
    • Iboutlet and IBAction
    • Using a View-based Application Template

    5. Controls

    • Buttons
    • Text Fields
    • Labels
    • Sliders
    • Progress
    • Switch
    • Web View
    • Image View
    • Segmented Control
    • Date picker
    • Picker
    • Alerts & Action Sheets
    • Page Controller

    6. Basic NS Classes

    • NSString, NSObject
    • NSArray, NSMutable Array
    • NSDictionary, NSMutable Dictionary
    • Other etc important classes

    7. Tables Using UITableView and UITableViewController

    • UITableView
    • UITableViewDelegateand
    • UITableViewDataSource
    • UITableViewDelegate
    • UITableViewDataSource
    • Adopting the UITableViewDelegate
    • UITableViewCell
    • UITableViewController

    8. UINavigationBar and UINavigationController

    • UINavigationBar
    • UINavigationController, and
    • UINavigationItem
    • Try This: Building a Three-View
    • Application using a Navigation Bar
    • Adding Another View
    • Try This: Duplicating the Utility Application
    • More on the UINavigation Controller
    • Pushing and Popping
    • Try This: Using a Navigation Controller in a Tab

    9. UITabBar and UITabBar Controller

    • UITabBar, UITabBarController,
    • UITabBarItem, and
    • UITabBarControllerDelegate
    • Using the Tab Bar Application Template
    • Adding a Tab Bar Item to a Tab Bar
    • Application
    • Allowing Users to Customize a Tab Bar

    10. XML Parsing

    • Parsing Techniques
    • NSXMLParser class
    • NSXMLParserDelegate methods

    11. WebServices

    • NSURL Class
    • NSURL Request Class
    • NSURL Connection Class
    • Synchronous and Asynchronous process

    12. Core Data

    • Core Data in brief
    • Creating Core Data Model
    • Entites,Attributes,Relationships
    • Generating NSManaged Object
    • Adding Objects
    • Saving Changes
    • Fetching Entities
    • Deleting Entities

    13. SQLite

    • Creating DataBase Using simple firefox SQLite Manager
    • SQL Database Manipulations
    • Opening the DataBase
    • Statements, Preparing Statements,executing Statements Select

    14. Multimedia

    • Playing Sounds
    • AVAudio Player, AVAudioPlayerDelegate
    • Medoa Player Framework
    • MPMovieplayer Controller

    15. CorePlot (Bar Graph’s) & Core Graphics Introduction

    • Framework Linking
    • Barchart, PieChart, Line Graph

    16. Google Maps & Annotations Introduction

    • CLLocation, CLLocationCoordinate2D classes
    • Pointing A Location
    • Adding Annotations

    17. Facebook Integration

    • Framework Linking
    • Posting Messages


    • Basic OOPS Knowledge is essential.

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