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    ICEfaces is an open source Software development kit that extends JavaServer Faces (JSF) by employing Ajax. It is used to construct rich Internet applications (RIA) using the Java programming language. With ICEfaces, the coding for interaction and Ajax on the client side is programmed in Java, rather than in JavaScript, or with plug-ins.  ICEfaces is designed to work with Java EE servers, encapsulating Ajax calls. ICEFaces’ is based on the JavaServer Faces standard, it extends some standard components supplemented with in-built Ajax. ICEfaces allows partial submits. It also provides “Ajax Push”, a variant of Comet capability, that can update the DOM of a web page from the server-side.


    • Java programming experience is essential
    • JSP page-authoring experience is required
    • Servlets programming experience is recommended but not required
    • Basic knowledge of XML will be helpful, as will any previous experience with HTML

    Course Content

    1. Introduction to ICEfaces

    2. Configuring Your Environment for ICEfaces

    • Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition
    • Ant
    • Tomcat
    • Web Browser
    • ICEfaces

    3. Running the ICEfaces Sample Applications

    • Auction Monitor
    • AddressForm
    • Component Showcase

    4. ICEfaces Tutorial: The Time Zone Application

    • Overview of the TimeZone Application
    • Basic JSF TimeZone Application
    • Creating a JSP Page with Standard JSF and HTML Tags
    • Creating the Backing JavaBean
    • Binding the Bean to the JSP Page
    • Configuring the Web Application
    • Building and Deploying timezone1
    • Integrating ICEfaces
    • Turning JSP into JSP Document
    • Registering ICEfaces Servlets
    • Building and Deploying timezone2
    • Dynamic Updating—Make the Clocks Tick
    • Enhancing the TimeZoneBean
    • Configuring ICEfaces for Concurrent Views
    • Building and Deploying timezone3
    • Dynamic Table Rendering
    • Modifying timezone.jspx
    • Modifying
    • Building and Deploying timezone4
    • Applying Styles
    • Adding a Style Sheet to the Application
    • Adding Images to the Application
    • Implementing Styles
    • Building and Deploying timezone5
    • Integrating Facelets
    • Facelets Dependencies
    • Configuring for Facelets
    • Change Web Files from JSP Document to Facelets
    • Building and Deploying timezone6
    • Capitalize on Facelets
    • Putting the TimeZoneBean in Charge
    • Adding New Properties
    • Updating
    • Building and Deploying timezone7

    5. ICEfaces SessionRenderer Tutorial: Easy Ajax Push

    • Overview
    • Tools and Environment
    • Creating the Beans
    • Define Managed Beans
    • Creating the Pages
    • Configure Facelets Support
    • Create the Page
    • Create the Descriptor (web.xml)
    • Running without Ajax Push
    • Adding Ajax Push with SessionRenderer
    • Adjust the Managed Bean Description
    • SessionRender for Ajax Push
    • Running with Ajax Push

    6. ICEfaces Design Decisions — Using ICEfaces

    • Choosing your Markup: JSPs or Facelets
    • Asynchronous vs. Synchronous Update Mode
    • Integration with 3rd Party Frameworks
    • Integration with 3rd Party JSF Components
    • Special Considerations for Portlet Development
    • Application Server Support
    • Client Browser Support
    • Desktop Browsers
    • Mobile Browsers
    • Using ICEfaces with IDEs

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