IBM Cognos Cube online training

IBM Cognos Cube online training



    IBM Cognos Cube Training offers the learners with introductory to advanced knowledge of how to model metadata for predictable reporting and analyze results using IBM Cognos Cube Designer. The learning module is designed in such a way that the participants will learn the full scope of the metadata modeling process. This course will also help you learn from core project creation, to publish a dynamic cube, and enable end users to easily author reports and analyze the data.

    Course Content:

    1.Introduction to IBM Cognos Dynamic Cubes

    • Define and differentiate Dynamic Cubes
    • Dynamic Cubes characteristics
    • Examine Dynamic Cube requirements
    • Examine Dynamic Cube components
    • Examine high level architecture
    • IBM Cognos Dynamic Query
    • Review Dimensional Data Structures
    • Dynamic Cubes caching

    2.Create and design a Dynamic Cube

    • Explore the IBM Cognos Cube Designer
    • Review the cube development process
    • Examine the Automatic Cube Generation
    • Manual development overview
    • Create dimensions
    • Model the cube
    • Best practices for effective modeling

    3.Deploy and configure a Dynamic Cube

    • Deploy a cube
    • Explore the Estimate Hardware Requirements
    • Identify cube management tasks
    • Examine Query Service administration
    • Explore Dynamic Cube properties
    • Schedule cube actions
    • Use the DCAdmin comment line tool

    4.Advanced Dynamic Cube modeling

    • Examine advanced modeling concepts
    • Explore modeling caveats
    • Calculated measures and members
    • Model Relative Time
    • Explore the Current Period property
    • Define period aggregation rules for measures

    5.Advanced features of Cube Designer

    • Examine multilingual support
    • Examine ragged hierarchies and padding members
    • Define Parent-Child Dimensions
    • Refresh Metadata
    • Import Framework Manager packages
    • Filter measures and dimensions

    6.Optimize performance with aggregates

    • Identify aggregates and aggregate tables
    • In-memory aggregates
    • Use Aggregate Advisor to identify aggregates
    • User defined in-memory aggregates
    • Optimize In-Memory Aggregates automatically
    • Aggregate Advisor recommendations
    • Monitor Dynamic Cube performance
    • Model aggregates (automatically vs manually)
    • Use Slicers to define aggregation partitions

    7.Define Security

    • Overview of Dynamic Cube security
    • Identify security filters
    • The Security process Three steps
    • Examine security scope
    • Identify scope rules
    • Identify roles
    • Capabilities and access permissions
    • Cube security deep dive

    8.Model a virtual cube

    • Explore virtual cubes
    • Create the virtual cube
    • Explore virtual cube objects
    • Examine virtual measures and calculated members
    • Currency conversion using virtual cubes
    • Security on virtual cubes

    9.Introduction to IBM Cognos Analytics (Optional)

    • Define IBM Cognos Analytics
    • Redefined Business Intelligence
    • Self-service
    • Navigate to content in IBM Cognos Analytics
    • Interact with the user interface
    • Model data with IBM Cognos Analytics
    • IBM Cognos Analytics components
    • Create reports
    • Perform self-service with analysis and Dashboards
    • IBM Cognos Analytics architecture (high-level)
    • IBM Cognos Analytics security
    • Package / data source relationship
    • Create Data modules
    • Upload files


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