IBM AIX Admin Course Content : 1. Basics

    • File system of UNIX
    • Architecture of UNIX
    • Creating, removing, copying, moving files & directories
    • Using files and directories
    • Wildcard characters
    • Input/Output-Redirections
    • File/Directory permissions
    • Vi-Editor
    • Usage of filter commands

    2. AIX introduction

    • Introduction to AIX
    • Introduction P-Series P4, P5, P6 and P7 hardware features
    • AIX 6.1 vs AIX 5.3
    • Upgradation from version 5.3 to 6.1*
    • Evolution of AIX servers and AIX OS
    • Using SMIT, WSM, SYSTEM DIRECTORY (System Management Interface Tool)
    • AIX on blade servers

    3. AIX installation

    • Using new and overwrite method
    • Preservation method
    • migration method

    4. Devices

    • Object Data Manager(ODM)
    • Device Terminology
    • Device states
    • Configuring the devices
    • Self configuring devices
    • Solving Real time issues related to devices
    • Solving device related questionnaire
    • Change of media speed on Ethernet adapter

    5. AIX Standalone booting procedure

    • The boot process
    • Important LED codes
    • Boot phases
    • System initialization

    6. Software installation

    • Patching definitions
    • Software installation and maintenance
    • Software states
    • Life cycle of TL, downloading TL from fix central

    7. Security and User Administration

    • User accounts
    • Groups
    • Security logs
    • Security files
    • Changing ownerships
    • Login sequence
    • Regaining root’s password

    8. Storage Technology

    • DAS ( Direct Attach Storage )
    • NAS ( Network Attach Storage )
    • SAN ( Storage Attach Storage )

    9. Logical Volume Manager

    • Benefits of LVM
    • Logical Volume Manager Components
    • Physical storage
    • Logical storage
    • RAID levels
    • MWC (Active, Passive)
    • Read & Write policies
    • Volume groups
    • Uses of logical volumes
    • LVM questionnaire include real time issues related to LVM

    10. File systems

    • Explanation of types of File systems in real time usage.
    • Creation of file system
    • Creation of RAW File system as per the Database/Application
    • Creation and enable of LARGE file system for Database
    • Mounting of File system on different directories
    • Troubleshooting of corrupted file system

    11. Paging space

    • What is paging space?
    • Using paging space
    • Changing paging space
    • Importance of paging space
    • Importance of LRUD process
    • Real time issues with paging space

    12. Scheduling

    • batch
    • Real time discussions on jobs performed through cron& related issues

    13. Backup and restore

    • Mksysb backup-rootvg
    • Savevg backup for datavg
    • Performing mksysb like real time through NFS
    • Altvg backup and different methods for alt disk
    • Mirroring rootvg
    • SAN boot
    • Multibos
    • Real time discussions on backups

    14. WPAR

    • Its usage in industry
    • Creating WPAR & using WPAR
    • How to create a file system in WPAR
    • Discussions on real time scenarios around 100 real time tickets.
    • Configuring ground works monitoring agent
    • Resume preparation for AIX

    15. Problem determination

    • The errpt command
    • The system error log
    • Starting and stopping error log
    • Diagnostics, what is diag, what is diag cd & its usage in real time

    16. Networking

    • What is TCP/IP
    • Configuring TCP/IP
    • Taking host information before reboot
    • What is DNS
    • Why DNS
    • Ether channel, configuring ether channel (NIB and link aggregation)
    • Real time networking issues with AIX
    • Configuring router between two networks
    • Discussion on task related for AIX admin in TCP/IP

    17. Network File Sharing (NFS)

    • Configuring NFS server
    • Exporting NFS directories
    • Mounting an NFS directory at client
    • Discussion of real time scenarios, troubleshooting on NFS
    • Using rpcinfo, nfsstat, nfsthread
    • Starting and stopping of NFS services

    18. Performing tuning

    • Issues with CPU
    • Issues with memory
    • Issues with I/O
    • Real time Perf issue discussion, running perfpmr.Sh on AIX

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