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Become an expert in Hyperion Planning by learning how to create Simple and Advanced Applications, Building Dimension Hierarchies, Scenarios, Versions, Creating User-Defined Elements, Simple and Composite Forms, Menus, and Navigating Task Lists… etc

Course Content

1.Introduction To Planning

  • Oracle Hyperion Planning
  • Planning Architecture
  • Planning Business Process
  • Planning Business Scenario

2.Navigating Planning

  • Interface: Overview
  • Launching the Simplified Interface

3.Introduction To Applications And Dimensions

  • Planning Application: Overview
  • Application Framework
  • Planning Dimensions
  • Aggregate Storage Databases
  • Data Block Creation Process
  • Aggregation, Storage, and Calculation Options

4.Creating Planning Applications

  • Application Creation Process
  • Managing Data Sources
  • Creating Simple Applications
  • Creating Advanced Applications
  • Refreshing Essbase Databases
  • Adding Plan Types

5.Managing Dimensions

  • Building Dimension Hierarchies
  • Performance Settings and Data Type Evaluation Order
  • Accessing Dimensions Information
  • Managing Dimensions in the Simplified Interface
  • Managing Dimensions in EPM Workspace
  • Managing Dimensions in Smart View

6.Setting Up Aliases, Currencies, Years, And Periods

  • Creating Aliases
  • Adding Currencies
  • Customizing Time Periods

7.Setting Up Scenarios And Versions

  • Scenarios and Versions
  • Creating Scenarios
  • Creating Versions

8.Setting Up The Entity And Account Dimensions

  • Entities: Overview
  • Adding Entities
  • Deleting Entities
  • Accounts: Overview
  • Account Types and Time Balance Properties
  • Saved Assumptions
  • Data Types and Exchange Rate Types
  • Adding and Aggregating Accounts

9.Loading Metadata

  • Metadata Load Options
  • Creating Metadata Load Files
  • Exporting Metadata
  • Importing Metadata
  • DRM Metadata Load Process
  • Application Management

10.Creating User-Defined Elements

  • Creating Member Formulas
  • User-Defined Dimensions
  • Attribute Dimensions
  • Adding User-Defined Attributes
  • Smart Lists: Overview
  • Enabling the Simplified Interface
  • Customizing Interface Appearance

11.Setting Up Exchange Rates

  • Currencies and Exchange Rates
  • Creating Exchange Rate Tables
  • Currency Conversion Calculation Scripts

12.Loading And Calculating Data

  • Data Load Options
  • Managing Planning Data
  • Exporting Data
  • Importing Data
  • FDMEE Data Load Process
  • Data Calculations

13.Setting Up Planning Security

  • Planning Security: Overview
  • User and Group Provisioning in Shared Services
  • Specifying Advanced Settings
  • Assigning Access Permissions

14.Creating Forms

  • Forms: Overview
  • Form Components
  • Creating Simple Forms
  • Creating Composite Forms
  • Exporting and Importing Forms

15.Enhancing Forms

  • Creating Complex Forms
  • Specifying Application Settings
  • Specifying User Variables
  • Setting Individual Display Options
  • Creating Menus
  • Creating Formula Rows and Columns
  • Building Validation Rules

16.Entering Data In Planning

  • Navigating Forms
  • Submitting Data in Forms
  • Filtering Data
  • Sorting Data
  • Spreading Data
  • Adjusting Plan Data

17.Annotating And Analyzing Data

  • Adding Annotations to Plan Data
  • Clearing Cell Details
  • Working with Ad Hoc Grids

18.Managing Business Rules

  • Business Rules: Overview
  • Determining Calculation Requirements
  • Launching Calculation Manager and Rule Components
  • Managing Views
  • Creating Business Rules and Rule Sets
  • Validating and Deploying Rules
  • Assigning Business Rule Security
  • Launching Business Rules

19.Setting Up The Approval Process

  • Approvals: Overview
  • Creating Planning Unit Hierarchies
  • Assigning Scenario and Version Combinations
  • Synchronizing Planning Unit Hierarchies
  • Exporting and Importing Planning Unit Hierarchies
  • Updating the Promotional Path with Validation Rules

20.Managing The Approval Process

  • Approvals Dashboard
  • Planning Unit Approval States
  • Reviewer Actions
  • Impact of Entity Hierarchy on the Review Process
  • Managing the Review Cycle
  • Viewing and Resolving Validation Errors
  • Copying Data Between Versions
  • Copying Data

21.Creating Task Lists

  • Task Lists: Overview
  • Navigating Task Lists
  • Task List Creation Process


  • A: Creating Applications in Performance Management Architect
  • Case Study

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